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CYBEX Anoris T i-Size: The First Car Seat With Full Body Airbag Technology

CYBEX has launched a game-changing car seat for kids aged 1- 6 years old. The new forward facing Anoris T i-Size is the first car seat to offer innovative full-body airbag technology, proven to provide up to 50% more protection than a conventional forward-facing seat. Sounds amazing, right? Read on!

When can my child forward face in a car seat?

Once your child reaches 3, they’ll be desperate to forward-face, and if they’re in a 360 seat where they know it’s possible, chances are, you’ll face a battle every time you get your child into the car. Should you give in?

Julie Dagnall, Director of Child Seat Safety says: “The law states that a child should travel rearward facing up to 15 months and 76cm, whilst nursery industry guidance recommends that parents continue with rearward travel until their children are at least four years old and if possible six.”

Child Seat Safety experts have recently discovered that 58% of parents do not currently follow car seat safety guidance. They will often choose for their children to travel front facing before the recommended age. If this sounds familiar, don’t panic. Help is on hand. CYBEX is a leading brand when it comes to car seat safety, and they’ve just reinvented forward-facing travel for younger kids.

Introducing the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size

Child Safety Testing ADAC has awarded the forward facing Anoris T i-Size the best child car seat ever tested in its class. Astonishingly, the results confirm that CYBEX’s innovative full body airbag technology demonstrates a better safety performance even when compared to rear facing seats. The message is, the Anoris T i-Size does not compromise on safety, in fact, it improves on it.

CYBEX has spent the last 15 years perfecting the design of this car seat, so that forward facing kids are fully protected when they travel.  CYBEX founder Martin Pos says: “For decades, airbags have been part of the safety equipment in vehicles designed to protect adults from serious injuries in the event of an accident, however, this hasn’t been the case for children. Due to the tireless work and dedication of our development team and the availability of new technologies, we are proud to receive clear recognition from ADAC for our latest innovation.

“Thanks to its forward-facing capabilities, we are confident that a seat of this kind will transform the world of car seat safety.”


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Best forward-facing car seat safety

In a conventional front-facing car seat, a child is secured using harness straps so that in a frontal collision the head is thrust forward. To combat this, the airbag integrated into the Anoris T i-Size’s impact shield protects both the fragile head and neck. The airbag is activated in milliseconds, opening to a C-shape in front of the child. The full body airbag provides approximately 50% more protection in the event of a frontal collision than traditional forward-facing child seats with a harness system, while still offering the same degree of protection as rear-facing seats.

CYBEX’s Linear Side-impact Protection system is also thrown in to offer superior protection for your child’s head and neck in the event of a collision.

Grows with your child

The Anoris T i-Size is suitable for kids up to six years old. Yep, that’s two whole years longer than a comparable conventional car seat. There are three ergonomic sitting and lying positions to give your little passenger the comfiest ride, and the seat is easy to adjust as your child grows. Say goodbye to achy bent legs and travel sickness, as a front facing seat offers sufficient freedom of movement. Finally, they can stretch out their legs!

Easy to install

The integrated ISOFIX base offers complete peace of mind for parents. With LED indicators and audio signals, the Anoris T i-Size is easy to install, so you can rest assured your precious cargo is seated in the safest position for travel. The impact shield belts securely over their lap and is easy to plug in. No more twisted five-point harnesses – result!

The benefits of forward facing car seats

Thanks to the front-facing orientation of the Anoris T i-Size, you can fully interact with your child via the rear view mirror, increasing passive safety and maintaining your focus when driving.

Shop now

The Anoris T i-Size is available in seven super-sleek colours at selected independent retailers and at Mamas & Papas. RRP £599.95


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