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Lots Of Lovely Art! Reviewing The Art Subscription Box For Little Picassos

The kids love doing arts and crafts, so when two beautifully packaged craft boxes arrived from Lots of Lovely Art, they were pretty excited to get stuck in! We received two boxes: for my son who is six, the Lovely Landscapes box (aimed at six-12-year-olds) and for my four-year-old daughter the Little Ones Lovely Landscapes (best for 3-6-year-olds).

Both boxes came packed full of supplies, including watercolour paints, pens, card, paper and tissue paper. Each box also came with information cards to help create the perfect landscape based on several artists’ styles. The Little Ones box contained six projects that focus on the process of getting creative rather than the end result, which gave my daughter lots of freedom to experiment with the materials. The standard Lots of Lovely Art box for older children contained three art projects with more instructions that aim to challenge independent creativity.

My daughter first chose to draw a Q-tip field of flowers and my son chose to have a go with Rolling Hills by David Hockney. We then tried out the Splash Pool by David Hockney and Lollipop trees inspired by Hundertwasser. My son really loved being able to create some lovely artwork and learning new ways of adding colour and texture to a picture.

One thing that stood out was that the supplies the boxes came with were fantastic quality and well-suited for the task at hand. It was also great to have some paints and supplies left over — some good starters for building an arts and crafts cupboard! It’s a good activity to pull out on rainy days and over the school holidays with the artists’ styles and works a good cue for sparking the kids’ imaginations.


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You can buy a single box on the website for £27 or look into a monthly subscription service where you can sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months. Signing up for six months gives you 15% off your monthly box, using code 6MONTH15 and signing up for 12 months gives you 20% off when you use code 12MONTH20 on checkout.

Each box is focused on an art theme and is inspired by three artists and there are a selection available to buy as single boxes through the website, including Fantastic Flowers (Georgia O’Keefe, Andy Warhol, Marimekko) and Tactile Texture (Van Gogh, Eric Carle, Cy Twombly). The box contains everything you’ll need to complete the projects, simple instructions to follow, and suggestions of related books and galleries.

If you’re stuck for party ideas, Lots of Lovely Art is a really good option for art-based birthdays. It’s a creative way to keep everyone entertained and they’ll be able to take home their supplies by way of an arty party bag. If you buy five or more boxes and Lots of Lovely Art will send you two additional boxes for free!

Overall, Lots of Lovely Art was a great way to take the hassle out of arts and crafts, in particular, if you choose to sign up for the subscription. Everything was ready-to-go, including the inspiration the kids needed to get started. The boxes were a really good way to teach them about famous artists and styles of painting, as well as get them experimenting with different textures and materials that they’d never come across before.

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