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Can This Gadget Really Reverse The Effects of Childbirth?

I was given the opportunity to try to fix my saggy vagina using the Silk’n Tightra for My Baba and have been using it for around a month so far.

A difficult labour

I had a baby in 2017, and after a long and difficult labour, my daughter was delivered by forceps. I suffered a 3rd degree tear (apparently it was a 3B, with only 3A and 4th degree being worse. Never have I been so glad to only get a bronze medal!) and following her birth I was taken straight to surgery for a 45 minute stitch up.

Probably in no small part due to having such immediate and high quality care, along with doing regular pelvic floor exercises, I don’t suffer from incontinence, but I certainly feel ‘changed’ down there, and not surprisingly, everything feels a bit looser.

The Tightra

The Tightra purports to ‘rejuvenate’ the vagina at home. The technology is a home-version of the heat tech that clinics use. I was discussing this with a menopausal friend who knows an older lady who’s mid-treatment at a medical clinic – her issues sounded really severe, incontinence, pain, all sorts which need really does need professional care. My feeling is that if you’re suffering so badly with incontinence or pain or sensitivity to the extent that your quality of life is being affected, then definitely see a GP and take it from there.  If your issues are more minor and fixing it would be a ‘nice to have’ then the Tightra may be the solution.

The Tightra arrived in a smart zipped case, with no awkward branding or pictures on the outside. Just plain purple! The wand has a chargeable battery and is then wireless to use, which is vital because you need to be comfortable to use it.


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How it works

The device is really easy to use – you just apply the gel to the gold plates and insert it into your vagina. Sit back on your bed and wait for it to do its magic! The sensation the first time is WEIRD. It heats up to 42-43C at max use. I haven’t taken it off the lower level, so I suspect I’ve only felt it at 40C. It’s an odd sensation but not painful or particularly unpleasant, just very different! The machine slightly vibrates (not like that! there’s no chance of any ‘added benefits’..)  every minute or so, just to let you know it’s still working. Each session lasts for 20 minutes; the Tightra works on a timer and will automatically shut off.  And that’s it!

You can use it on your vulva as well to improve its appearance – in the same way – apply the gel to the gold electrodes and then place them onto the vulva externally.

The manufacturer advises to use it twice a week and you’ll notice results after four to five weeks. I have been using it for four weeks (on my 7th session) and there is an improvement in terms of the feeling of sensitivity – I don’t feel as ‘baggy’ down there anymore, and I would say that sex is more enjoyable as a result. I think that if you have a mild urinary incontinence or reduced sensitivity, the Tightra will be a useful tool to try to wind the clock back a bit. I wouldn’t say it’s a fix-all for everyone’s problem – and Silk’n don’t claim that it is –  but if you feel that fixing your issue is a ‘nice to have’ and that your vagina needs rejuvenating, then definitely give it a go!

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