This week, we reviewed the 2016 newly updated compact 1.6L Peugeot 2008 SUV in pearl white. The 2008 diesel six-speed manual, front-wheel drive is both stylish and cheap to run. What’s more, the Blue HDi Diesel engine basically means that the car’s engine is super eco-friendly.

I love the way they’ve paid great attention to detail, with aluminium pedals, stainless-steel tread plates, and super-smart red stitching throughout the car’s interior.

I’m a sucker for a good alloy, and these bad boys are 17 inches. There’s also a very trendy red Peugeot badge on the front of the car, and my favourite – a panoramic roof that while sadly doesn’t open, looks super-cool.

The 2008 has an i-Cockpit dashboard, smartphone functionality and a large 7 inch touchscreen display which is used for Park Assist, Satellite Navigation and the option to use a variety of apps. There’s a nifty SOS button which can be pressed in an emergency, and when the airbags are triggered, the vehicle automatically makes an emergency call on behalf of the driver. There’s also that really nifty City Break technology – automatic breaking if the bonnet senses someone or something a little bit too close.

I think the Peugeot 2008 Compact SUV GT is a fantastic option for a family car. The back is spacious, with plenty of room for two car seats, and the boot is HUGE, and more than capable of accommodating large strollers, and lots and lots of shopping!