Q. What colours are best for a baby room?

The two most important things to bear in mind when choosing colours for your baby’s nursery are that you should feel good in the room, and that it is a good place for your baby to sleep.

There is evidence that babies sleep better in dark environments. This doesn’t mean you have to decorate the nursery in the darker colours that are very much in vogue right now. As long as you can adequately darken the room, a soft and light palette is restful too.

The easiest way to make the nursery the heart of your home is simply by staying true to your style. So ask yourself what you are drawn to. Take a look around your house and identify your favourite space, collect images you enjoy on Pinterest, or tear images from magazines. You’ll soon start to see a common theme.  

If the theme is light and airy, white walls get my vote every time. Providing a calm background to children’s colourful possessions, white rooms are easy to update by simply changing up accessories. If you like more colour, try modern variations on traditional baby pink or blue, or opt for dusty greens or soft greys for a peaceful backdrop.

Love darker hues? Moody greys and dusky blues offset other colours beautifully. Plums and dusty purples are a chic and contemporary choice, whilst a black and white scheme provides a graphic, modern base for the room.

If you love bright and zingy colours, it might be better to keep these confined to smaller areas, particularly on the warmer end of the spectrum like red, orange and yellow. Invigorating and energising, these colours may not be the best choice to help your baby sleep. Use them on a single wall or as an accent colour.

Happy decorating!

x Ursula from Room to Bloom

(images: KML design, Stokke, Helmen Talossa, La Redoute