I am often asked by clients how to bring their nursery to life. The room has been decorated, the furniture installed, yet the nursery still seems lifeless. One way of avoiding this when it’s your turn to decorate your nursery, is by working backwards… Let me explain how.

Start by choosing a decorative item for the room that you really, really love. That cute little dress that made your heart melt, the bedding you spotted in a magazine, an art print you found online, a collection of postcards… Just take a look around you, what have you been keeping ready for your baby, what has caught your eye of late? This is going to the inspiration for your baba’s room.


I recommend that you repeat a few colours from the item that you’ve picked and use them in the rest of the room – one for the main wall colour and one or two as accents, for things you’d like to pick out. Make sure the main colour you chose suits the room’s light conditions and appeals to you – perhaps go for a slightly lighter or dustier version, depending on your taste.

The aim is not to go all matchy-matchy, but rather let yourself be guided. When starting from scratch the possibilities are endless and this often makes it hard to make decisions – or even make a start. By beginning with something you love and working backwards, you avoid staring at a blank canvass: all you need to do is be guided by the colours, shapes and mood of the item you picked, to create a room that flows easily and is unique to you.

1. Deer sculpture
2. Butterfly poster
3.  Modernica criss cross pendant
4. Retro desk lamp
5. Houses
6. Blanca Helga paper friends horse
7. Dwell studio mid century crib
8. Tilda Stine floral fabric
9. Bashful bunny

Happy decorating!

X Ursula from Room to Bloom