Q: To theme or not to theme?

A: Going for a theme means it’s relatively easy to achieve a coherent looking nursery or kid’s bedroom (be prepared to redecorate regularly to keep up with changing interests though). But themes can also overwhelm – be careful not to loose the all important balance between rest and stimulation. The way to overcome ‘theme-overload’ is to stick to one golden rule of interior design: create a single point of focus and keep the rest simple. In three practical tips:

  1. Keep walls and floors neutral and add easily replaceable accessories. If you can’t resist themed wallpaper, use it on just one wall.
  2. Don’t buy themed basics such as a bed, wardrobe or curtains. Instead, be creative and capture the essence. A hammock can turn a room into a desert island or pirate ship, sheer drapes and pretty bedding can create a princess bed.
  3. Try guiding your child gently towards a theme that you think will last longer than their current cartoon crush. An appreciation of good design is learnt and starts early.

Happy decorating!

x Ursula from Room to Bloom


(images clockwise: jonah’s room, into the wild wallpaper, wallpaper tree decal, children’s bedding, mountain beanbag)