Blind cord safety

Roman blinds Direct have recently written an article on protecting your children from blind cord incidents. This is something which many parents may not even think of, however strangulation due to blind cords is an all too common occurrence, and research found that  ‘in 2010 alone, at least four young children have been strangled by blind cords’  

The facts

Since 1990, more than 200 infants and young children have died from accidental strangulation from window blind cords in the United States. (Md portal) Alexandra Hoegh, daughter of one of UK’s richest men, tragically died in her cot next to a window in Notting hill, (Guardian) and Daniel Grant was another toddler who lost his life due to becoming entangled in a blind cord at his family home, (BBC)   These are just a couple of the shocking stories which we want to try and reduce.

Sara (O’Dacre) Lauer (Health Canada) states that ‘Since 1986, a total of 33 deaths and 19 reports with injuries linked to corded window coverings have been reported to Health Canada. In these reported incidents, children are typically between 10 months and three years of age. Children can be entangled in pull cords or inner cords while sleeping or playing in cribs or beds under the window covering, they can also climb furniture to reach cords. Often strangulation occurs silently, and by the time a parent or caregiver checks on the child, it is too late to prevent death or injury’ 

These are accidents which can be prevented if you take the correct precautions, which is why Roman Blinds direct are offering blind cord clips to schools and families who have blinds with no protected guard. 

To order your own blind cord safety device’s click on this link which will allow you to order your blind protection clips.  

Blind cord clips

These blind cord clips act as a protector to blind cords, which ultimately keep loose wires and strings up high so they are out of the reach of small children.  By keeping your loose blind cords away from children,   you can reduce the risk of injury 

To read more on how to protect your children from Blind cord accidents, please visit the Roman Blinds Direct blog.