I’ve been tearing my hair out over the midday nap. It’s 12.06 as we speak, and Maddie is next to me screaming, definitely not napping. This week, I’ve decided come hell or high water to implement the midday nap, and have been looking at ‘spaced soothing’ and other strategies online… Maddie has a quick temper, and things don’t take long to reach boiling point, how do you encourage an absolutely livid baby to fall asleep? It’s partly why I’ve put together a My Baba’s twitter chat with Lisa Clegg, The Blissful Baby Expert.

If you’re like me, and find yourself pacing the streets at lunchtime to enforce nap time, (she loves a nap in a moving buggy!), or are struggling with a nighttime routine, or have other questions (perhaps the up coming clock change might put your little one’s clock out) then join us over on Twitter, next Monday 30th October.

All you need to do is tweet your questions using #MotherBaba from 12-1pm on Monday, and Lisa will search for them and tweet you right back.