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Safer Sleep Week With Pure Earth Collection: 4 Ways To Ensure Safe And Peaceful Nights For Your Little One

As Safer Sleep Week approaches, the spotlight intensifies on one of the most vital aspects of parenting—ensuring our little ones enjoy a safe, restful sleep. Pure Earth Collection, work hard to ensure every child experiences peaceful nights, free from risks. Over the past seven years, they’ve been redefining baby sleep solutions through collaborations with leading sleep safety experts, creating products that are unparalleled in safety and comfort.

Here are 4 things to help you embrace safe and peaceful nights for your little one with Pure Earth Collection:

The Crucial Role of Natural Fabrics

The fabric of your baby’s sleepwear and bedding isn’t just a matter of comfort; it’s a pivotal choice for safety. Synthetic materials, while commonly used in baby sleepwear, can trap heat and restrict air flow, elevating the risk of overheating. In contrast, natural fabrics like the organic cotton and bamboo wadding used in Pure Earth Collection’s sleeping bags, offer superior breathability and temperature regulation, ensuring your baby’s temperature stays regulated throughout the night.

A Guide to Safer Sleep Practices

Cot Sleeping: The foundation of safe cot sleeping includes a firm mattress, the absence of loose bedding, toys, and pillows, and positioning your baby on their back to sleep. Pure Earth Collection’s sleeping bags are designed to complement these safety measures, featuring a CE-certified clip-on comforter for added security and comfort.

Co-Sleeping Safely: Did you know that over 90% of parents co-sleep with their babies at some point, whether planned or unplanned? So understanding how to bed share safely is essential, even if you plan for your baby to sleep in a cot. Ensure a firm mattress and flat surface for bed sharing, keep pillows and heavy blankets or duvets away from your little one, and secure the sleeping space to prevent falls or entrapment. 

Pure Earth Collection’s sleeping bags offer a secure solution, maintaining your baby’s optimal temperature without the risks associated with blankets or duvets.

Overheating is a significant risk factor for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Opting for 100% natural fabrics for sleepwear and bedding, and ensuring the sleeping environment is free from hazards, are key steps in mitigating this risk. 

Indoor Air Quality and Sleep Safety

The quality of air in your baby’s sleeping environment plays an unexpected yet critical role in sleep safety, as air pollution is a key risk factor in SIDS. To support a safer sleep environment, we recommend choosing natural, chemical-free mattresses and minimising exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Pure Earth Collection’s organic blackout blinds not only ensure the perfect sleep ambience but also support healthier indoor air by being free from harmful VOCs.

Embracing Safer Sleep with an Exclusive 20% Off

In honour of Safer Sleep Week, we invite you to discover Pure Earth Collection’s pioneering range of organic baby sleeping bags and organic blackout blinds. Crafted with your baby’s safety and comfort in mind and endorsed by sleep safety specialists, their products embody their dedication to non-toxic, sustainable living.

Plus, enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on these products, using code BABA20 until 31st March 2024, making safer sleep more accessible to all families.

T&Cs apply: cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes, on bundled or sale items. Offer available until Midnight 31st March.

Safer sleep is a year-round commitment to our children’s well-being. By choosing products made with natural, sustainable materials, we take a significant step towards fulfilling this commitment. Join Pure Earth Collection in their mission to ensure every night is a safe and happy night for our little ones.

Celebrate Safer Sleep Week with Pure Earth Collection @pureearthcollection

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