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BeSafe iZi Modular A X1 i-Size: Is This The Safest Toddler Car Seat In The World?

Scandinavian company BeSafe has launched the iZi Modular A X1 i-Size, the first-ever car seat to use technology to make buckling up super-safe and super-simple. We were excited to be one of the first to take a look.

Is your child buckled up properly?

BeSafe is a company that prides itself on innovation and design to ‘keep children safe’. On hearing the latest research by the German Insurers Association that almost 50% of children in toddler seats were not belted in tightly enough, they set out to find a solution.

iZi Modular A X1 i-Size

BeSafe responded to those stats by launching their latest addition to the BeSafe Modular Concept, the iZi Modular A X1 i-Size. This new car seat is designed to make travelling in the rearward facing position five times safer until approximately 4 years of age, thanks to the added benefit of the Active Retract Harness, which makes buckling up easy and safe.

Active Retract Harness

The Active Retract Harness consists of an advanced retractor construction situated inside the car seat. It works to electronically pull in the belts until the child is secure in their car seat. The technology works a bit like a theme park ride, to ensure your child is strapped in place correctly for the safest ride possible.


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There’s nothing complicated about this technology from a user perspective, all parents have to do is push up the belts inside the shoulder pads for a tight and secure fit, leaving no room for little ones to wriggle free.


Cutting-edge innovation for superior safety

The iZi Modular A X1 i-Size is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a rear and forward-facing car seat suitable for children aged 6 months to 4 years of age.

Engineered to offer your child the ultimate in safety in the event of a crash, the seat shell benefits from built-in side impact protection (SIP) and additional side impact protection (SIP+) that slides easily onto the seat shell.

Comfort that grows with your child

Comfort, as well as safety, is at the forefront of the car seat’s design with its soft but protective headrest with innovative Dynamic Force Absorber. This state-of-the-art technology offers optimal protection for your child’s most vulnerable body part. It aims to absorb forces in a side-impact through bending in the inner area while staying more rigid in outer areas.

The AX1 is a car seat that’s offers comfort and longevity in equal measures.

Two-Fit Cushions

The car seat’s 10-step adjustable headrest grows with your child, while its Two-Fit Cushions™ provide soft support, extra cushioning, and stability for smaller kids using the seat. The cushions can be adjusted and taken out individually according to your child’s proportions. There also 3-step adjustable legroom for extra space on longer journeys.

The seat has been designed to offer air flow through a ventilation system in the back, so your little one can travel comfortably whatever the time of year. The car seat uses BeSafe’s Magnetic Belt Assistants™ which hold the belts to the sides of the seat when you’re moving your baby in or out of the seat.

Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads

While the AX1 is brilliant at tightly securing your child, it’s not a restrictive seat. Its Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads™ are designed with a slimmer fit to offer extra movement space, giving your child more flexibility and freedom for their arms.

Easy to install

Car seats can be tricky beasts at the best of times, but the AX1 offers excellent usability with one-action adjustments of headrests and belts.

Seperate ISOfix base

The iZi Modular i-Size base with lockable ISOfix arms offers a one-click installation, so the car seat is up and running out of the box within minutes. There are optical and audio indicators so you can rest assured you’ve installed the seat properly.

The car seat is separate from the base so it can be moved easily offering flexibility between vehicles.

Shop now

The X1 is the same car seat as the existing X1, but with the added benefit of the Active Retract Harness. The Be Safe iZi Modular A X1 i-Size car seat is available in Metallic Mélange in the UK.

Retails £289.00


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