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Learn to Write Using a Salt Writing Tray

One of the biggest barriers to children writing can be the fear of making mistakes.  When they are trying and seeing those mistakes written down in front of them it can be very demoralising. Using something like a salt writing tray means that any mistakes they make can easily be smoothed over so that they can start again with a clean slate.

Salt writing is also very tactile and therefore great for kinaesthetic learners.  It helps children to internalise the letter shape as the make them. Young children learn best when there is a multi sensory approach, and salt writing certainly fits that bill.  Not only can they feel the salt as they write, but they can smell it and hear the noise it makes as they drag their finger through it. YC loves using the tray and the way the salt feels on her fingers.  Do note that it can leave fingers feeling a little dry afterwards so I would recommend having some hand cream nearby for them.

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To make your own salt writing tray you will need:

  • A tray
  • Salt
  • Coloured paper

Youngest charge having a go at copying the letter ‘s’

Line the tray with your coloured paper.

Then fill the tray with salt.

If your little one doesn’t like the feel of the salt, then allow them to use a paintbrush of something similar.

salt writing tray

Youngest charge getting creative

While I was going through some maths work with my eldest charge, my youngest charge managed to get hold of the tray, and started having some fun creating her own pictures, so a salt tray is not only a wonderful tool to help with letter formation and spellings but it is also great just to draw in.

salt writing tray

Eldest charge practising his letters

This activity may aid development of:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Confidence
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Creativity

Pin for later:

Learn to letter formation using salt trays.

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