I have been waiting to do a water themed sensory tray all summer. Unfortunately BB had an accident that meant that we couldn’t get his arm wet for ages. Thankfully it is all healed which means it is time to bring out the water table for a sea creatures sensory tray activity.

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For your own sea creatures sensory tray you will need:

  • Small world play figures
  • Large tray or water table
  • Boats

This goes without saying, but this is an activity that is best done outside. If you don’t have an outside area or a tray, then a sink will do.

Fill your tray with water and place all you sea creatures. I added a few boats as well.

sea creatures sensory tray

BB played with this for almost an hour. He had great fun playing by himself, but also invited me to join in. The great thing about our water table is that it has propeller like thing in the middle. We used it to create our storm/whirlpool.

sea creatures sensory tray

When BB had finally enough I did clean the sea creatures sensory tray away. Normally I leave sensory trays out for a day or two, but this time I thought the water and the toys would get all slimy and yucky.

It was a huge success and the perfect outside activity for a warm day.

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sea creatures sensory tray