Secret Agent: Can you decode the message?

Activities & Days Out / 7 July, 2020 / Nanny Anita

Secret Agents: Can You Decode the Message?

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EC’s favourite thing to do is to play at being a policeman or spy, give him an opportunity and he will be dressed up in his uniform and I will usually find myself in some sort of prison.

For our newest word game I thought I would do decoding game to appeal more to EC. Well it certainly worked, the first thing he said after he had finished was “can we do it again tomorrow and can you do a longer game of it”! They need some big hints to figure out how to read the message, but once they had cottoned onto the fact that it was written back to front and that they need a mirror they had no problem in reading the clues.

Trying to figure out what it says.

Trying to figure out what it says.

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Mirror
  • Scissors

Cut up your piece of paper into jigsaw shapes.


On one side of them write your clues, this is actually the hardest part as you need to write your clues back to front, so that they look the right way round when they are held up to the mirror.

On the other side of the jigsaw write either some sight words, blended sounds or just letters.

Hide your pieces around the house, to make it slightly easier for my charges, all our pieces were hidden next to a mirror. If you want to make it harder give them either a pocket mirror or tell them they have to come back to a certain room to figure their clue out.


Once they have all their pieces they need to assemble their jigsaw and correctly say out all the words/sounds on the other side to get their reward (our reward was a mini KitKat).


As I said EC loved this game and I have plans to make a really big version of this game for him. Even YC managed to complete the whole thing with no help from me, which made her incredibly proud of herself.


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Secret Agent: Can you decode the messages using a mirror? A game to help encourage problem solving and reading in children.

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