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7 Must-Book Treatments For London Mamas This Mother’s Day

Listen up, mamas! It’s time to start taking self-care seriously, and when better time to start, than Mother’s Day.

With the pressures of raising a family, returning to a busy career and navigating your way through motherhood, it’s normal to find that you’ve neglected your own self-care needs. But wait, there’s good news! Now, it’s easier than ever to carve out a little you time with Motherly Needs, the new luxury concierge service for London mamas.

Motherly Needs has an online booking system that cleverly connects mothers to professionally vetted and trained experts and therapists. You can choose from a whole host of top-notch prenatal and postnatal services, including facials, massages, Mummy MOT Hypnobirthing and Pilates right through to Life and Career Coaching for mothers. We think that’s pretty awesome.

And the best bit: every service available is to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Yep, that’s right – all you have to do is find the time to treat yourself to some much overdue pampering, without even leaving the house! Sounds good to us.

To celebrate the London mama in your life this Mother’s Day, why not choose something from our pick of treatments?

Pre-natal treatments

1. Purify and Rebalance facial

  • 60 mins £120
  • 45 mins £65

Book this and enjoy an intensive, yet delicate treatment for cleansing and rebalancing the skin. This facial is perfect for those experiencing hormonal oily or acne-prone skin. It works to regenerate and rebalance sebum and hydration levels, leaving you with luminous, smooth skin. What’s more, the Purify and Rebalance facial will help treat any pigmentation issues, which can be common during pregnancy.

2. Remedy facial – for sensitive skin

  • 60 mins £120
  • 45 mins £65

Pregnant? Then it’s time to simplify your skincare regime. Treat yourself to this soothing and re-balancing facial, designed to protect even the most delicate of skin. Ideal for those prone to redness, rosacea and fragile capillaries. We know pregnancy can play havoc with your skin, and if your skin is suffering, this is the treatment for you.

3. New Mum massage

  • 60 mins £120

The New Mum massage is suitable from 12 weeks gestation onwards, as well as perfect for booking as a fantastic treat post-pregnancy. The therapeutic properties of Biological Tamanu Oil helps to ease the muscle tension so commonly felt during pregnancy.

Heavy legs during pregnancy? We hear you! Legs have to endure a heck of a lot of strain due to comprised circulation and can be subject to fluid retention and swelling. Your body’s structure and weight are undergoing frequent changes, causing muscular aches and pains. The New Mum massage work to ease away tension while keeping your skin nourished, so it stays soft, supple and elastic. A fantastic treatment to ward off those dreaded stretch marks.


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4. Reflexology

  • 60 mins £120
  • 90 mins £180

Reflexology during pregnancy is a truly wonderful treatment. Gentle fingertip pressure on your hands, ears, and feet help to banish blocked energy. A really valuable treatment in relieving pain, and a completely relaxing way to spend Mother’s Day.

Postnatal treatments

5. Hydramemory Deep Hydration Facial

  • 60 mins £120
  • 45 mins £65

Your skin can do all sorts of weird and wonderful things during and after pregnancy – most of them completely unwelcome. But fret not. This deeply hydrating face, neck and décolletage treatment will replenish the skin’s moisture levels, leaving you feeling fresh-faced with dewy skin. Sleepless nights? What sleepless nights!?

6. Recovery Touch Anti Oxidant Vitamin Facial

  •  60 mins £120
  • 45 mins £65

Why not treat yourself to an exotic goji berry facial? This powerful anti-oxidant and vitamin-enriched treatment works to soothe, nourish and repair tired and dull-looking skin. Another must-book for those needing a relaxing pick-me-up, and let’s face it, what mother doesn’t?

7. Pro-Sleep Massage

  • 60min £120

Perfect for new and busy mamas, this post-pregnancy massage will give you some much needed R&R time.

The Pro-Sleep massage offers a complete mind and body wellbeing experience to relax you into a gentle slumber.

The deep-sleep inducing qualities of aromatherapy, music and unique massage techniques from Kerala Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay will lure you peacefully into the world of dreams. You’ll wake up to feel replenished and energised, and ready to tackle the day.

About Motherly Needs

Motherly Needs is focused on raising the awareness of Maternal Health care by providing services for mothers all across London. The concierge places a strong emphasis on physical and mental self-care, taking the stress out of finding appropriate treatments, and with a super-simple booking system, everything is achieved seamlessly, without having to leave the house.

Self-care services for mothers just got real. Bookings are available on the website


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