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This sensory and number activity can either be just a simple sensory experience, or you can turn it into a number identifying sensory game. I added apple scented oil to this as well, as it adds an extra sense that is being used, plus they always say that scents are great memory aids, so perhaps this will help them remember their numbers.

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For this sensory and number activity you will need:

  • Lentils
  • Rice
  • Food colouring or liquid watercolours
  • Pasta
  • Conkers or Acorns
  • Apple scented oil (optional)

Dye your pasta and rice with the food colouring or liquid watercolours, as this is an autumnal activity I stuck to the reds, greens and oranges. Put them to one side to dry for a while.

Splash a few drops of oil into the lentils and mix it together. You probably only need 2 or 3 drops, otherwise the smell may become over powering.

On the conkers or acorns write/ paint the numbers (one number per conker/acorn) on, and leave to dry before adding them together with all the other items.

Every time we went to do our numbers this week, my 3-year-old charge immediately headed straight for this one. I took some of the bigger numbers out, as she hasn’t learnt them yet, and asked her to find the conker with the correct number on it.

May aid development of:

  • Number recognition
  • Schemas

Pin for later:

sensory and number tray for pre-schoolers. It can either be a simple sensory tray or turned into a number recognistion activity.

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