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If you search for sensory bottles on the Internet you will literally find hundreds of them.

This set of sensory bottles is mainly for the sound that they make. I also have found that many sensory bottles aimed at babies are made from big bottles; ones that are too big for small hands to hold. Although BB is a newborn and not holding objects yet, they’re the perfect size for him when he does start to.

You will need:

  • Small bottles – travel sized ones from Boots are perfect for this.
  • Fillings
  • Glue

Fill the bottles with different things. In one I used died rice, in another I filled it with coloured sand.  In the final one I used small craft bells.

I highly recommend gluing the tops down so that they don’t accidentally open the bottles.  When ever you use a sensory bottle make sure that it the top is still securely shut (even if you have glued it down).

We have been using these sensory bottles to help distract BB when he is being changed (he hates having his nappy changed). I have also been setting them up just by his arms when he is on his play mat. He loves to move his arms around and knock the bottles over. At first I thought it was purely a fluke, but he does make deliberate movements with his arms to knock them down.

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small sized sensory bottles for babies