I can’t believe that my youngest charge is now 4 months! The time has literally flown by. I have previously made BB some sensory bottles (which we do still use), however, they are still a bit too bulky for him to grasp. He prefers knocking them over. For the last few weeks he has been trying to grab his toys on his play mat. To add a little variety to it I added some sensory tubes. As they are basically bracelets, it makes them the perfect shape and size for him to hold onto.

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You will need:

  • Fillable bracelets*
  • Fillings like
    • Baby oil
    • Sand
    • Glitter
    • Coloured Water
    • Sand
  • Funnel
  • Glue gun

*We had some sand art bracelets that were left over from ECs birthday party a few years ago. They can be bought at either Baker Ross or Amazon.co.uk

Before using them make sure that you give them a thorough wash.

To fill the bracelets you will need to completely remove the stopper, I tried to remove just one side, but that didn’t work. I would also highly recommend filling them up over a sink. It can get quite messy.

I found that the best filling to have is the baby oil, then you can add a second filling like glitter of coloured water.

Make sure that you don’t completely fill it or none of it will move around.

To seal it I tried two ways; the first was to use the hot glue gun to glue around the middle where both sides joined. This way was kind of successful, but if you pulled hard enough it came apart. The second way was to put some of the glue inside the opening of the tube and put the stopper back in (make sure you repeat it on the other side).

When you are done you can either let your little ones hold onto them and play, or you can hang them from their play mat.  BB loved to try and catch hold of them, then bring them closer to his face to have a better look.

Always make sure that you check the tubes over for leaks and breakages before letting your little ones play with them.

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sensory tubes for babies. A great activity for babies aged 3-6 months.