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Over this year my charges have slowly been learning how to sew and it has finally lead us to sewing a simple teddy bear.

I am really impressed with how they managed this project, we managed to finish the sewing in one afternoon. EC did pretty much all of it, I only really helped to slip stitch the head at the end and put the eyes on. YC needed a little bit more help, but she too did a fantastic job, and now they have each have a little cuddly toy that they are really proud of.

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Stuffing
  • Buttons

The first thing I had them do was draw their teddy template; you don’t want them to draw arms and legs that are too small as that makes it very difficult when you come to sew and then turning it the right way.

YC's template

YC’s template

Cut out their template and the draw round it on the fabric; you will need to do this twice for the front and back.


When you cut these out don’t cut on the line, you need to give it a hem.

Put your bits of fabric so that the outside of the fabric is sandwich together and pin it together. You should be sewing on what will be the inside of the teddy.

We used a simple running stitch to sew it together, to make it slightly easier I gave YC a slightly bigger needle and tidied a knot in the thread so that she couldn’t pull the needle off. Make sure that you leave a gap so that you can turn the teddy the right way around


When it has been sewn turn the teddy the right way through the gap that you have left.

Stuff the teddy, we used proper stuffing that I had left over from when I did my Norland training, but cotton wool is a good substitute.

When it is finally all stuffed all you need to do is close up the gap that you left and sew on some buttons for eyes.

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