I’m afraid to say that it’s back to school (and work) after a blissfully sunny summer of sandcastles, shrimping and wallowing about in the balmy British waters. That is not to say that it’s the end of fun and games for you all as a family.

One of the most important things I learnt from my dad before going back to school was how to make a water bomb from a piece of paper, which remains an invaluable skill. This piece of advice also meant that I could submit daily reports to him of my water bombing successes (and failures) in the playground.  The fact that you aren’t all together as a family all day does not mean that you can’t still share fun and ideally mischievous experiences.  With a 9 month old son called Bertie I am not quite at the stage of being able to teach him how to make water bombs. However yesterday I did make a mobile drum-kit for him by tying to a coat hanger plastic bottles filled with coins, lentils and pasta pieces as well as balls of bubble wrap, plastic cups and scrunchy plastic inside a netting bag.  He now merrily serenades my wife all day bashing away at his new state-of-the-art instrument.

For older family members, watch ‘it’ is a favourite of mine, which involves reflecting a spot of sunlight onto a wall in the classroom and playing ‘it’ with the person next to you by catching their spot of sunlight.

Table football is also a classic, designed more for gaps in between lessons as I defy anyone to be able to play a full match without being caught during class.  All you need to play is a coin, a smooth table and a fiercely competitive nature.

Keeping with the sporting theme, you could also try Dot Cricket. The rules of the game are exactly the same as the real thing, and you only need a pen and a piece of paper. It’s all explained in detail in our new book Don’t You Dare (Egmont), but it’s a brilliantly simple game and especially good for when you are stuck inside!

A very easy and quick challenge is to create dot monsters. Grab a piece of paper and cover it with random dots. Then see if you can draw lines between the dots to create a hideous monster. You can then have Dot Monster competitions, taking it in turns to create the scariest beasts.

If you want something a bit sillier, Butt Darts is a hilarious group game, involving lots of waddling as you aim to release a coin (clenched between your buttocks!) into a cup. Everyone starts behind a line a few paces from the cup, take it in turns and laugh at all the different techniques!

So make sure that you continue as much of the fun of the summer holidays as possible whilst sitting at your desk (school or office)!

By George, Sharky & George

Sharkey and George

Sharky and George

Don't You Dare Sharkey and George

Don’t You Dare Sharky and George


Sharkey and George

Sharky and George