SHARKY SAYS: George’s first car was a taxi, his first house was a boat and his first award at school was for being a ‘jolly good egg’. Boring bits about George are that he studied Biology at University and loves talking about his project on Xenopus Levis… or frogs! George is ALWAYS cheerful and keeps everyone at S&G happy and in check. He makes sure only the funniest games are played, the best pranks are performed and the silliest hair styles are worn.

George grew up near Bishop Stortford and plays for the local cricket side… but not very well!

It was at Bristol University that Charlie & George cut their teeth on the city’s children’s party circuit, leading to the creation of Sharky & George.  By popular demand they are opening a Bristol office this summer, bringing their unique brand of children’s entertainment back to where it all began 10 years ago.