BB and I have recently taken a break in our sensory play. The weather has been so lovely that we have been spending our days out and about. This week we have started up again with them. We tried oobleck, corn flour and water, but that was disastrous. BB spent most of the time sitting on my lap screaming while I enjoyed the stress reducing sensory experience. Later in the week we tried a shaving foam and mirror sensory activity which was much more successful.

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You will need:

  • Shaving foam
  • Mirror
  • Cloths

The reason I decided to do this shaving foam and mirror sensory activity was because BB likes to smear his toothbrush across the mirror in the bathroom. Which he then likes to rub in with his fingers.

Simply squirt the shaving foam onto the mirror and then let the chaos begin.

I stripped BB down to his nappy as it made it easier to clean up.

shaving foam and mirror sensory activity

BB was intrigued with it at first, then decided to spread it around the rest of the bathroom. Which was no problem. However, he did have a major melt down when I stopped him from painting the heating control in it. From there on out he spent the rest of the time on my lap and we played with it together. His favourite parts about it were using the cloth to clean it off the mirror and my hands. He also much preferred having his feet in it than his hands. Which was exactly the same when we did the Christmas sensory bag; he preferred using his feet on it then his hands.

Clean up was very easy. Just a wet cloth gets rid of everything, and a quick wash in the sink removed it all from BB.

The only thing to be careful with this is that they don’t try to eat it. BB did have a moment when he was staring at his hands as if he was contemplating tasting it. But a firm no put it from his mind.

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shaving foam and mirror sensory activity