I think that making these shall mandalas has been one of the most relaxing crafts that I have done all year. We did make sand mandalas last summer, which was fun, but not quite as relaxing as using shells. YC and I spent a lot of our time on the beach collecting shells. She had the brilliant idea of sticking them onto a piece of wood and turning into a display. Unfortunately time got away from us and we didn’t get the chance to do her project (hopefully we will get to do it at home). It did however leave us with a lot of shells. I started making a shell mandala one afternoon, using my leg as the backing, and found it just incredibly calming. EC and YC didn’t join me on this particular craft, they were more interested in watching a movie, but it is certainly something older children would enjoy.

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You will need:

  • Shells
  • Paper (optional)

A mandala is a circular spiritual symbol found in religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism to represent the universe. It is often used to help focus attention and as an aid for meditation (hence the reason I found it so stress relieving).

Mandalas often use symmetry and repeating patterns, which make the design possibilities endless.

For this you really don’t need to have paper (unless you want it), you could simple use the floor. Of course if you want to make a permanent shell mandala then of course you would need glue and something (like wood/paper/plate) to stick it to.

The beauty of not sticking it down is that you can simple clear it up and make a new one. It could be a busy bag for older children/teens.

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Shell Mandala. A creative and relaxing craft for children to enjoy.