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Shop The Best Bikes For Boys & Girls

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like a new bike. If you’re researching the best bikes for kids this festive season, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve teamed up with one of the oldest and the best cycling brands in the world, Raleigh, to bring you this go-to guide.

How to choose the best bike for your child

When it comes to choosing the best bike for your child, it’s important to take into account how heavy the bike is. For little ones, aluminium lightweight frames are ideal. Resist the urge to purchase a bike your child will “grow into.” Instead, opt for a high-quality bike that provides a perfect fit, so you can ensure a frustration-free riding experience and maximum enjoyment.

Let’s assume you’ll want to keep the bike a secret until the big day. If that’s the case, you’ll need to measure your child’s height and inside leg measurement and match it to the correct wheel size. Top tip: when you’re sizing up a kids’ bike, it’s always done by the wheel diameter.

Balance bikes for 18 months +

If you’re shopping for little ones aged 18 months, we recommend opting for a balance bike.

Raleigh’s 12-inch mini balance bikes are the perfect way to introduce your kids to the joys of cycling. By building up their confidence and developing their motor skills, these pedal-free models help kids master the basics of biking, making it easier for them (and for you!) when they progress to the real thing.

Invest in a bike that will grow with your child

Choosing a bike for your kiddo is a crucial decision that can kickstart a lifelong love for cycling. The best bikes for kids strike a balance between size, weight, and design. An adjustable bike is key, so your child can always touch the ground with their feet while seated. Lightweight frames make pedalling easier, and a sturdy build ensures durability for every adventure. Consider features like stabilisers for beginners, adjustable seats and handlebars. And, of course, the overall design must appeal to their personality. The best bikes should inspire confidence, spark excitement, and pave the way for countless memorable rides.

Molli 14-inch, Raleigh

The 14-inch Molli is a fab choice for young cyclists new to the world of biking. Molli comes with stabilisers so it’s ideal for first-time riders who perhaps haven’t had experience with a balance bike.

Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame, high-rise handlebars, non-slip pedals and easily adjustable brake levers, this bike is designed for ease and comfort. The bike’s upright riding position keeps their eyes ahead, while features like front and rear mudguards and a chain guard keep them clean and dry during their rides.

The Molli is the obvious choice for any little princess. Inspired by Raleigh’s grown-up models, this bike pairs super-cute fruit detailing with a gorgeous wicker basket, complete with a cuddly Molli dog to pop in their basket on every adventure. And when they’re ready to ride independently, simply remove the stabilisers.

Bikes for 5-7 year olds

Pop 16-inch Wheel

The Pop 16 is the ultimate pick for children between the ages of 5 and 7 and a ticket to countless outdoor escapades and cherished childhood memories. Whether your little one is just beginning their cycling journey or already pedaling like a pro, this bike is designed to accompany them on memorable adventures. With a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame, you’ve got yourself a safe and comfortable ride.

Available in Silver, Cream, Blue and Green.

Pop 18-inch Wheels

The Pop 18-inch is here to transform outdoor adventures into irresistible pedal-powered fun. Choose from a classic green or light blue and magenta. Whether it’s family bike rides through scenic trails or thrilling expeditions and treasure hunts with friends, this sophisticated, big-kid bike with six gears is primed for outdoor excitement.

Engineered for kids seeking boundless enjoyment, the 18-inch Pop effortlessly blends safety with style. Weighing in at under 10kg, this bike’s sturdy aluminum frame can weather any grand adventure without slowing them down.

Pop 20-inch Wheel

A bike tailored for those not-so-little youngsters, the Pop 20-inch is ready to take on bigger adventures, and is the perfect fit for kids aged 6-9 years old. Featuring a lightweight yet robust aluminum frame, this bike bridges the gap between younger and older kids’ bicycles, making it the ideal choice for treasure-hunting escapades with friends or zipping through the streets on school runs.

With its resilient frame and rugged tires, it’s built to withstand the most daring exploits. Plus, with a range of six gears to choose from, the excitement never ends.

Available in Plum, Dark Blue, Blue and Mustard.

Pop 24-inch Wheel 

They say kids grow up in the blink of an eye, don’t they? One moment they’re dwarfed by an oversized school uniform and the next they’re outgrowing it with arms poking out of the sleeves. The Pop 24 is a sleek, lightweight bike designed to keep pace with growing youngsters. When the training wheels are history, when those legs seem to stretch endlessly, this big-kid bike keeps ’em rolling.

Meticulously crafted for kids aged 8-11 or measuring 129cm-132cm, the 24-inch Pop is all about forward motion. Constructed with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, sturdy tires, and a super-cool seven-gear range, this bike not only turns the school run into an adventure but is also primed to tackle their grandest escapades. Nothing can stop them now!

How to wrap a bike for Christmas

Oversized Bow and Gift Tag

We love this idea because it’s the easiest to do. Pick up an oversized gift bow and make a giant gift tag using cardboard and leftover wrapping paper.

Jumbo Bicycle Sack

If you’re looking to cheat, we’re totally with you. You can wrap your bike in seconds with a jumbo bicycle sack. Check out this great option on Amazon.

Paper Table Cloths

Buy yourself a festive tablecloth and wrap it around the bike. Unlike wrapping paper which has the habit of tearing, a tablecloth is flexible and so much easier to use! You’re welcome!

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To find the best bike for your child, take a look at the full Raleigh range here.


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