As the founder of the online meal planning solution, Sian’s Plan, I am obviously going to be a big fan of meal planning. But there are hundreds of tangible benefits to being a little organized in your life.

1. Less Stress

Getting dinner on the table with a couple of kids running around can be a stressful experience! Knowing what you are cooking is half the battle. By choosing your meals at the start of the week then you don’t have to think about what you are having for dinner each night because it’s all organised.

2. Use Up Leftovers

Meal planning is a great way of using up leftovers. One of my favourites is cooking extra roast vegetables on a Sunday and blending them with stock and herbs to make a yummy soup for Monday.


3. Save Money

Did you know that some families throw away up to £700 a year on food? That’s a lot of money! If you make a meal plan you can reduce this significantly. As you know will know what you are cooking everyday, you will only buy what you need, meaning very little waste.

4. Reduce Your Food Waste

No more mouldy lemons or wilted lettuce in the fridge! As every ingredient you have is planned for, you will only waste the very minimum. You’ll not only be saving money but saving the environment too. Be happy in the knowledge you are doing your bit for the greater good.

5. Time Saving

Preparation is the key to saving time. Looking into the fridge pondering “what’s for dinner” is a thing of the past. As is running to the shops because you don’t have an ingredient. Meal planning saves you time and as all my meals only take 35 minutes, this will save you even more time.

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4. Healthy Eating

It easier to eat healthily when you meal plan, as there are less requirements to reach for the takeaway menu. The best thing is that it will happen without you even knowing about it. Make sure you include a few different protein types in your meal plan and you’re already feeding your family healthier food.

7. Try New Recipes

Meal planning gives you the freedom to try new recipes and new ways of cooking. The majority of households only use a limited amount of recipes. With meal planning why not try a new recipe every week. That’s 52 new recipes a year! You’ll be a domestic goddess (or God) in no time.

Why not try huevos rancheros. This is a tasty Mexican egg dish that you can have for breakfast or with guacamole and tortilla as tea. It basically poaches eggs in a lovely mix of tomatoes, chillies, herbs and peppers. Yum.


8. Get the Kids Involved

Getting your children to eat vegetables and healthy foods can be an exhausting task. I know when mine were growing up it was, but now they love vegetables and it was worth the effort. One trick I used was to get my kids to help pick the recipes for our meal plan and this way they will chose food they liked. No excuses then.

9. Your Family Can Help

There is plenty of ways your kids can help, from setting the table, to helping with the dishes. However make sure to give them age appropriate tasks. If your children are older, why not get them to start the meal before you get home from work. (This can also apply to your husband or wife, of course!)

10. Save Time Shopping

Making a shopping list from your meal plan will save you a huge amount of time in the shops buying what you need. Or why not shop online?

What’s in my Plan this week?

This is my meal plan for this week. You’ll find that it’s balanced, tasty, quick and healthy! Yum yum.

All these recipes are available on Sian’s Plan and don’t forget that all My Baba readers have a 40% discount on a yearly subscription. Just enter MYBABA on the payment page

Monday: Salmon with wilted spinach, dip in dip out salad and rice

Salmon is great for keeping you full for longer because of its protein and oil combination. Serve with salad and fragrant whole grain rice for the hungrier members of the family.

Tuesday: Spicy bean burritos

Spicy burritos; a delicious Mexican dish made with beans served in a wrap, which means no need for additional carbohydrates.

Wednesday: Chicken satay skewers and baby potatoes

These are easy to make chicken skewers and are coated in peanut butter, served with baby boiled potatoes and the rest of my dip in dip out salad, made on Monday.

Thursday: Chicken, broccoli and sweet chilli stir fry

Chicken and broccoli is a great combination for my theme this week, full of slow release goodness.

Friday: Chilli con carne and rice

An easy dish to make for the start of the weekend, use lean minced meat and whole grain rice.


Sian’s Plan is an online meal planner that helps busy people eat well. The service is named after its founder Sian Breslin, a professional home economist who’s taught thousands of families to cook.

On the platform, Sian has created hundreds of recipes to help families prepare healthy, affordable and fuss-free meals in under 35 minutes. More information can be found at Sian’s Plan.

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Sian Breslin is a qualified home economist, cookery school owner, busy mom of three boys and founder of Sian’s Plan, an online meal planner that guarantees healthy eating. She has taught thousands of mums, dads and youngsters how to cook and manage their home. She believe that healthy eating can be made convenient with a little organisation and knowledge.

Twitter: @siansplan