Although these are different games, I thought I would put them in one post, as they are both just a variation of dominos.

Over the last half term my eldest charge has been sent home with a list of high frequency words that he needs to learn, and a note about practicing the numbers 10-20, as his whole class has really been struggling with them.  Well, we have certainly been going over both the numbers and words and he is doing really well, but as half term is now upon us I don’t want him to forget all that he has learnt.  Therefore I made two sets of dominos for us to play with; one with some of the harder sight words and the other with the numbers 11-20 on.

EC sorting out his playing pieces so that I couldn't see them

EC sorting out his playing pieces so that I couldn’t see them

To make your own set of dominos you will need:

  • Card stock
  • Scissors or guillotine
  • Pens

Using your scissors (or if you happen to have a guillotine) to cut the card stock into domino pieces. For the sight words I had 80+ pieces and for the numbers I used 55.  You can of course use less.

Trying to choose the right one

Trying to choose the right one

On the pieces write down combinations of the words or numbers, you just need to make sure that you have each number or word written down at least 4 or 5 times.

Once everything is prepared it is time to play dominos!  My twist on the game is that we weren’t playing to win (as the purpose is to help him with his words/numbers) and my charge has to actually say the number or the word that he is matching to and the one that the next person has to then match.

He only had one more piece left, but he couldn't match it so he had to pick up

He only had one more piece left, but he couldn’t match it so he had to pick up

This game may aid development of:

  • Number recognition or word recognition
  • Confidence

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Sight word domino game

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