Well the new school year is underway, and the homework is already starting to pile up. As well as all the normal things that YC and EC are sent home with, they will also have to work on their high frequency sight words. When YC was in reception she was sent home with a sight word flip book keyring each evening. When she had mastered the words on it her teacher would add new ones. It was such a good idea that I made a key ring with the 1st 100 sight words for EC as well. Last year I added the 2nd set of 100 to another sight word flip book. As they were such a success I did one just on blended sounds for them as well.

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To make your own sight word flip book you will need:

Fill the flip books with your sight words. By the end of year 1 they should know the first 100 sight words. By the end of year 2 they should know the next 100 words.

You can find the high frequency 1st 100 sight words here, and the next 100 here.

For the blended sounds I wrote the sound on one side, then on the other side  the rhyme that goes with the sound. I used the same system that their school uses which is Read Write Inc. I would highly recommend that if you make a blended sound flip book then go with whatever system your child is learning at school. Otherwise it may confusing them.

How to use your sight word flip book:

As these books are relatively small they can be easily slipped into a bag and taken anywhere. We often take ours on holiday with us (I know how boring of us)!

Sometimes we only do a few of words a night. Other times we do all of them and see how quickly they can do it or how many we can get right.

I wont say that EC or YC love these flip, I am more likely to get a groan than anything. However my boss and I love them. Through using them we have found that YC and EC have become more confident in identifying their sight words.

For more fun games using sight words check out my speed sight word gamesight word dominos and sight word Connect 4.

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sight word flip book - an easy reading aid to have around to help with learning high frequency sight words.