It has been a while since I last did a sight word activity.  Over the last two years I have been able to reuse the majority of my old activities during home schooling.  So, it is high time for a new one.  I thought it would be fun for BB to combine a few of his favourite things to do; playdough and hammering, to make this sight word smash activity.

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To do this sight word smash activity you will need:

  • Play dough
  • Play hammer
  • Paper
  • Pen

I did reuse the sight words for a previous activity.  But if you don’t have small pieces of paper with the words written on, then you need to make them first.  They don’t need to be fancy.  Just a small piece of cut out paper with a sight word on it.  I only used the sight words I knew that he could do.  That way I am not setting him up to fail, but more giving him the opportunity to practice and succeed with the ones he knows.

sight word smash activity

By each sight word I put a piece of play dough.

sight word smash activity

BB had to say a word, correctly and without sounding it out, then smash the play dough with the hammer.

This activity is not one that needs to be repeated over and over again in one day.  After he had finished doing all of them, we put it to the side.  That way it was a fun exercise to do, that we can do again on another day.

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sight word smash activity - for children to practice their sight words.