We’re huge fans of the wacky Mrs Wordsmith, the eccentric and wild English teacher whose fun subscription service aims to turbo charge your child’s vocabulary in as little as 10 minutes a day. Quickly doing the maths, at 50 words per pack, with a pack arriving each month, during a 6 month period that’s an incredible total of 300 new words learnt! (I do hope Mrs Wordsmith is impressed with my maths skills.)

That’s the maths out of the way, now here’s the science-y bit:

Top neuroscientists and linguists are the geniuses behind the concept of Mrs Wordsmith, the lead character in the serialised story behind the subscription. They’ve cleverly devised a simple three-step process to help children learn richly descriptive words to supplement the school curriculum based on visuals, repetition, and the most important ingredient of them all – humour!


The school of Mrs Wordsmith

The jam-packed monthly subscription box is delivered to your home and is full of fun, humorous and educational tools from flash cards to daily placemats. The hilariously illustrated words are animated spectacularly by the award-winning artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania, and the words tell a story that will engage and delight your little ones each day. Children will learn words such as ‘extraordinary’ instead of ‘nice’ and ‘putrid’ instead of ‘stinky’, boosting their reading and writing skills. If that’s not enough, the school of Mrs Wordsmith’s doughnut incentive awards children with doughnut tokens, ones you can exchange for actual doughnuts at participating stores!



Why we love Mrs Wordsmith

What’s brilliant about Mrs Wordsmith is that it’s suitable for children of all abilities, and can be especially useful for children with dyslexia. Not surprisingly, more than 20 of London’s top day schools have recommended the product to parents. We’ve been trialling the subscription on children of all ages and abilities this summer, and it’s gone down an absolute storm. It’s so nice to see children having fun, while at the same time learning so much, without really knowing how much effort they’re putting in. Mrs Wordsmith is perfect for short bursts of learning, and a great mobile product that you can take with you on holiday, to a restaurant, or just to have on hand  when you’re on the run and need something to entertain the kids with. We see a lot of products each year at My Baba, and Mrs Wordsmith is one of our favourites.

What are you waiting for? 

To sign up for your six-month subscription, head here. With back to school looming, now is the perfect time to sign up.