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Six Signs Of Teething And How To Help Your Baby

How to recognise the signs of teething

Did you know, one in five parents don’t realise their baby is teething until they see the tooth*?

While most babies begin teething around six months, the first tooth can appear anytime between three and 14 months. Teeth usually come in pairs, starting with the bottom front two and followed by the top front two. Most babies experience increased drooling and crankiness at the onset of teething, but symptoms can vary baby to baby.

To get your baby through the pain that is teething, you might want to consider arming yourself with Calpol, Baby Nurofen, Anbesol, teething granules and most importantly, a safe and effective teether.

The six possible signs of teething

The need to gnaw

The pressure of an emerging tooth beneath the gums may be relieved by counter pressure, so teething babies often want to chomp on things. The chewing instinct may also be a response to the odd sensation that something’s going on in there.

Puffy gums

Before a new tooth erupts, it can cause a red, swollen, bruised-looking area on a baby’s gums. Sometimes the gum bulges with the emerging tooth, which you can see faintly beneath the skin.

Excessive drooling

Increased spittle can herald a new tooth – but it’s also a normal developmental stage of infancy, so don’t assume that drooling means teething. There’s no way to tell whether baby’s saliva is the result of teething or not, though it may be if you also see….

Fussiness, especially at night

Tooth eruption (when the tooth moves through the bone and gum) tends to come in stages, with more activity at night than during the day, so baby may be more irritable in the evening.


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Ear pulling

While it can also be a sign of ear infection, tugging can be a symptom of teething – the pain from the jaw gets transferred to the ear canal.

A change in eating habits

Babies who are eating solids may want to nurse or bottle-feed more because a spoon irritates their inflamed gums. Others may do the opposite, eating more than usual because the counter pressure feels good. Babies who are on the bottle or breast may begin feeding eagerly or pull back because the activity of sucking puts uncomfortable pressure on the gums and ear canals.

8 reasons to choose the Matchstick Monkey Flat Face Teether

We recommend trying the new Flat Face teethers from Matchstick Monkey, they’re so effective at soothing pain right at the source. There are three fun and flexible designs to choose from – the giraffe, the lion, and the monkey!

  • Each teether is made from soft textured silicone to provide soothing relief to aching gums.
  • Created to be both lightweight and ergonomic in design, they’re easy for young babies to hold.
  • The toothbrush bumps on the back of the teether are perfect at gently massaging hard-to-reach painful gums.
  • It’s safe to place the flat face teether in the fridge (never the freezer!) to give your baby some extra comforting cooling relief.
  • The Flat Face teethers are all made from BioCote® Antimicrobial technology making it hygienically clean while reducing the potential of cross-contamination.
  • The teether can be washed easily in soapy water, and a huge bonus is that it’s both steriliser and dishwasher safe.
  • The Flat Face teethers are both FDA food-grade silicone and BPA free, so they’re completely safe for your baby.
  • They’re only £4.99 each! Shop now at

The Matchstick Monkey range of teethers

You can check out the rest of the Matchstick Monkey teething toy range here. Our personal favourites are the animal range, choose from the bear, crocodile, giraffe, lion, penguin, and pig!

When will my baby start teething?

The first tooth usually cuts through the gums at around six months, however, the timing of teething can be very different from one baby to another. If your child has started to show the signs of teething, such as painful and swollen gums, red cheeks and excessive dribbling, you can be fairly certain teething has begun.

If you do have any concerns, speak to a qualified professional to put your mind at rest.


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* Independent omnibus survey conducted for Camilia Oral Solution by CensusWide of 1,006 new parents (with children under 30 months) September 2014
Sponsored content in collaboration with Matchstick Monkey

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