EC and I were watching the latest Spider Man movie and he saw that I was making a friendship bracelet while watching it.  He was really interested in what I was doing and asked if he could learn to make one.  So here is a new simple friendship bracelet for you.

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To make your own simple friendship bracelet you will need:

  • Embroidery thread
  • Tape
  • Scissors

You can have as many colours as you like to make this.  But I would suggest a minimum of 3 colours.  I made mine with 5 and EC made his with 3. Then you will need one extra thread in white or black to hold the threads in place (I am going to call this the base thread to make it easier to describe).

simple friendship bracelet

Start by folding your base colour thread in half, then tying a knot with the other colours at the top. Place the base colours out to the start so that they are out of the way.  One should be going to the left and one to the right.

simple friendship bracelet

Next, starting with the coloured thread on the left side, wrap it around your index finger on your left hand.  It should go underneath your finger first then wrap back around your finger.  The remaining thread should hang down on the right of the loop you have just made.  Repeat this with all the other colours.

Careful take the loops off your finger, don’t let them fall apart though.  Thread the base thread from the right through all the loops from right to left.  Do the same with the base thread on the left going from left to right.

simple friendship bracelet

Gently pull the coloured threads to close the loops.  At the same time, you also need to pull the base threads to the side.  It takes a bit of wiggling, but you should get a nice line of tight loops.

simple friendship bracelet

Continue doing this until your simple friendship bracelet is at the correct length.  Then tie it off and give it to your friend.

Remember friendship bracelets should never be taken off.  They should fall off naturally.  If they do that then your friendship is sure to last (or so the saying goes).

I hope that my explanation and pictures are clear enough.  If you enjoyed making this simple friendship bracelet, then be sure to check out my fishtail friendship bracelet and crayon printed t-shirt.

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A simple friendship bracelet for kids to make.