When caring for your baby’s skin you’ll want to know you’re using the right kind of products from reliable tried and trusted brands. Whether it’s bum balms, body washes, or wipes you’re looking for, we’ve put together a list of our recommended skincare products for baby.

SOS Baby Balm, Matchstick Monkey

Nappy Cream, Childs Farm

New Baby Wipes, Kit and Kin

Baby Body Lotion, Matchstick Monkey

Aveeno Hair & Body Wash, Amazon

Baby Hair & Body Wash, Bamford

Baby Oil, Childs Farm

Baby Moisturiser, Childs Farm

Aqua Wipes, Carton Pack

Baby Hair & Body Wash, Matchstick Monkey

Bedtime Bath Milk, Little Butterfly

Hair & Body Wash, Kit & Kin


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Soothing Bottom Butter, Love Boo

Baby Shampoo & Bodywash, Live in the Light

Johnson’s Hair and Scalp Oil, Amazon

Organic Baby Powder, Neals Yard

Baby Coconut Oil, Kokoso

Organic Baby Balm, Storksak

Handmade Bar Soap, Live in the Light

Soothing Baby Salve, Organic Babies

Baby Bath Oil, Mum and You

Bath & Shampoo, Neal’s Yard


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Baby Lotion, Storksak

Baby Liquid Talc, Frezyderm

Colic Relief Massage Gel, Frezyderm

Bamboo Baby Wipes, The Cheeky Panda

Nappy Cream, Organic Babies

Sukin Massage Oil, Holland & Barrett

ABCDerm Cold-Cream, Bioderma


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