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The Organic Mother & Baby Skincare Brand We’re Obsessed With

We’ve never had it so good when it comes to skincare. Our bathroom shelves are filled with the most sophisticated lotions and potions suited to our skin type. We’re also more clued up on what to apply and what to avoid. Paraffin, parabens, silicones and artificial fragrances? No, thank you. So if you wouldn’t put it on your skin, we doubt it’ll be going anywhere near your baby’s. That’s where Little Butterfly London come in, the new organic-certified skincare for mothers and babies. The luxurious skincare brand brings together a mix of natural ingredients that are scientifically-proven to be effective for mother and baby on all skin types, even the most sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Here’s why we’re loving Little Butterfly London

  1. Its earth-to-skin approach to skincare. Everything is made as close to Mother Nature’s ingredients as possible
  2. No nasties! Everything that Little Butterfly London produce is free from paraffin, parabens, silicones, mineral oil and artificial fragrance
  3. It has you and your baby’s whole skin routine covered. From bath time to bedtime to keeping skin healthy and hydrated throughout the day, Little Butterfly London has something to soothe your skin
  4. The baby range is effective on mature skin too. Hurray for baby sharing their skincare products!
  5. Little Butterfly London is the first British brand with an ECOCERT organic accreditation, which certifies its commitment to sourcing ingredients and producing skincare products responsibly

Find out more about our favourite products from the Little Butterfly London range:


Soft as Moonlight nappy change cream

This all-natural nappy change cream will protect baby’s delicate areas from excess moisture, while repairing irritated or dry skin. Made from a blend of 18 ingredients, including chamomile, shea butter, and cucumber seed oil, this cream will help baby’s skin maintain a healthy moisture level.

Floating on Clouds bath time bathmilk

What could be more calming than a bathmilk that relaxes and caresses delicate baby skin? This bedtime blend of oat kernel, avocado oil and papaya seed oil, amongst other nourishing ingredients will set baby on the path to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bubbles in the breeze top-to-toe wash

Light and refreshing is what to expect from this body wash. Formulated from moisturising cucumber, comforting oat kernel and gently infused with mandarin and orange essential oils, this top-to-toe wash is gentle yet deliciously scented.

Love Eternal bath massage oil

Best used before bedtime, a baby massage is the simplest way to relax your baby, ease teething pain and aid digestion. This luxurious oil will make baby feel well and truly pampered and its blend of peach, rosehip, jojoba and apricot all helping to protect baby’s skin.


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Blossoms in Spring illuminating day cream

A hydrating day moisturiser is just what you need as a new mum, something to relieve tired looking skin and leave skin looking and feeling youthful and glowing. Little Butterfly’s day cream — which we highly recommend teaming with its night cream — is lightweight yet deeply moisturising. The oil-rich cream, made from acas berries, cucumber and papaya seed, provides a matte finish — fantastic for applying under makeup.

Petals and Blooms brightening anti-oxidant serum

For an instant glow boost, this anti-oxidant serum is your new go-to. It’s lightweight and ultra-hydrating with a blend of bilberry, maple, sugar cane and orange that encourages cell renewal and promotes a youthful glow.

Cocoon of Bliss stretch mark butter

A creamy and indulgent butter is just what your body needs to nourish, smooth and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This gorgeous butter made from rooibos and arnica flower also helps to soothe and calm itchy skin.

Fresh meadows cooling leg gel

Heavy-feeling legs and swollen feet are part and parcel of pregnancy. This cooling leg gel will provide relief and comfort, as well as helping to boost circulation and alleviate puffiness. Made from ginger, arnica and horse chestnut, this rescue treatment is a brilliant all-rounder for relieving any leg discomfort.

With Christmas not far off, why not pick up one of these gift sets mother or baby exclusive to Harrods? In fact, Little Butterfly London is the only British certified organic mother & baby skincare range stocked in Harrods. Perfect for any expectant or new mamas!


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