Everybody and everything needs a bit of a pick-me-up in January, and your beauty regime is no exception. Treat your skin to a little TLC; rescue it from the excess of December, and protect it against the cold winter weathers to come. I’ve been looking at a range of skincare products that promise to give you and your skin the healthy start it needs this year.

101 Ointment, Lano

Heal Conditioner, Maria Nila

Rejuvenating  Eye Gels, Patchology

Pregnancy Body Oil, Inner Senses

Cotton Candy Shower, Bilou

Skin Elixir, Jane Scrivner

Hair Volume Gummies, New Nordic

Skin & Hair Biotin, VitSpritz


Sesame Cleansing Oil, Shiro-Shiro

Tinted Moisturiser, PUR

Tinted Balm SPF15, Lano

Sake Kasu Lotion, Shiro-Shiro

Kombu Skin Serum, Shiro-Shiro

Nourishing Cleanser, Jane Scrivner

Tri Balm, Frances Prescott

Clean AF Wipes, Patchology