We don’t know about you but ski fashion has really outdone itself in 2019. Gone are the days where being a top skier is the most important thing when on your winter holiday. You and your child need to feel warm and protected against the cold to truly enjoy yourself and that all comes down to what you’re wearing. 

Here at My Baba, we believe if you look good, you most definitely feel good and Net-A-Porter’s childrens ski clothing collection will have your child feeling just that. Not only will their childrens skiwear keep your child feeling warm and protected against the cold but super stylish too. 

We have picked out 20 of our favourite Net-A-Porter ski wear looks that provide the perfect combination of high-quality, protection and style. We hope you love them just as much as we do!

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Ski Suits

Hooded Belted Printed Ski Suit

We are obsessed with this ski suit from Perfect Moment. This is the perfect statement piece for a kid that just wants to get stuck in on the slopes. It’s hood and fleece lining makes it super warm and cosy whilst still offering full protection with its waterproof shell. We love the union jack inspired colours and think the star print will is simple yet striking!

The last thing you or your child want from a ski-suit is feeling restricted. The great thing about this ski-suit is that it isn’t bulky or heavy and has a slight stretch to it, meaning that they will be able to move freely all day long. It has a zip fastening along the front complimented by a waist buckle. You won’t be feeling any drafts in this outfit!

£47 – Ages 6 to 12

Allos Hooded Printed Ski Suit

We think this starry ski suit is the definition of snowy chic! We love the blue and red stars against the white shell and think it would look amazing against a snowy backdrop. Again, this suit is perfect to keep you warm and dry, it’s made from waterproof Toray Dermiza with a thermal fleece lined inside. 

You won’t need to worry about your child feeling the cold, its long zip-lining along the front makes for the perfect protection. Not only will your child feel snug but the elasticated hem allows for a flexible fit that won’t limit them from any of the crazy activities they’ll be getting involved with!

Ages 6 to 12 – £475

Hooded Printed Ski Suit

This is definitely one for the animal lovers! Wherever your child is planning on wearing this ski suit they are guaranteed to look super cute and stylish. We love the polar bear print and think the extra zip details make it extra trendy! 

If you’re looking for a suit that will protect your child against the coldest of weather, this is the suit for them. It’s made from 100% polyester and a long zip fastening along the front, making it completely chill-proof! 

Not only that, but it has extended cuffs and a drawstring detachable hood. Cold weather? Never heard of it. 

Ages 6 – 12 – £665

Isola Racing Striped Ski Suit

Ready, steady, snow! We’re all for this racing stripe kids ski suit. It’s bold, it’s bright and will definitely have your child standing out on the slopes. We love this dungaree inspired ski suit, and let’s be honest, what’s cuter than a kid in dungarees?!

With its side fastenings and elastic straps, it’s so easy for your eager child to get it on and off. It’s lined thermal fleece will be sure to keep them warm as well as protecting them from the slush with its waterproof Toray Dermizax shell. Pair it with the Star II instasia merino wool jumpsuit for the perfect, cosy base layer when they’re out in the snow. It even has padded knees for extra protection on the slopes. It’s a yes from us!

Ages 6 – 12 – £315


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Ski Jackets

Hooded Striped Quilted Down Ski Jacket

We definitely believe that when you’re out in the snow, brighter is definitely better! We LOVE this children’s ski jacket and we know that your child will too. Both cosy and colourful, this quilted jacket will be sure to keep them warm when enjoying themselves in the snow. The multi-coloured shell is both durable and waterproof and the padding gives them that extra cushion without making them look stuffy!

We think the little extras on this jacket really gives it that wow factor! As well as a concealed zip fastening down the front, it also has snap buttons to ensure they keep the cold away. Not only that, the matching rainbow tie-belt is super cute and will have them feeling safe and snug at all times.

Ages 6 – 12 – £350

Super Moto Hooded Striped Quilted Ripstop Down Ski Jacket

This high-quality kid’s ski jacket will have your child feeling pretty in pink! We absolutely love a winter bomber jacket and think this offers the perfect combination of both sweet and stylish. On the outside, it’s durable and water-resistant for all their tumbles in the snow and on the inside, it’s fuzzy and warm with an interior elastic band to keep them properly insulated.

Not only that, but the jacket has a two-way zip on the front, cute internal cuffs and thumb-holes and lifts pass pockets. This jacket is a dream and really does have everything you need!

Ages 6 – 12 – £350


Superday II Striped Ski Jacket

We think this kids ski or snowboard jacket is FIRE! We love the zig, zag rainbow print and is practical for all their ski activities ahead. The jacket is padded and elasticated which gives it the perfect fit and will make them feel safe and secure against the cold snow. Made from Toray Dermizax the jacket is both durable and waterproof and if you’re really looking to go the extra mile, why not pair it with the Chamonix padded ski pants? This full outfit will have them looking like a professional snowboarder, how could you resist?!

Ages 6 to 12 – £350


Quanuck Pro II Hooded Padded Ski Jacket

If all your looking for is a hard-working, waterproof jacket then look no further. This snow jacket really does have it all. It’s both padded and breathable and comes with a drawcord hem for a flexible, comfy fit. Compared to the other jackets, this may look a little more simple but what we love is the Perfect Moment star on the back and that gives it that extra edge!

If you didn’t think it could get any better then you’re wrong! This kids snow jacket is also fitted with a RECCO system that can help to detect someone in an emergency situation. Anything that can help and support our kids while we are away is a blessing!

Ages 6 – 12 – £350


Ski Pants

Aurora Striped Flared Ski Pants

As a parent, you probably look at a pair of white trousers and think absolutely not! However, for this occasion, we think these trousers are perfect for the frosty season. Don’t you agree? Not only are they super stylish, but also have a fleece lining that will protect your young one against the cold. 

Perfect Moments have really outdone themselves with the smaller details and we are OBSESSED! We love the bright colours of the knee pads and the small polar bear on the back leg. Not to mention the functional zips that make them the perfect fit for on the slopes or snowy walks. 

Ages 6 – 12 – £250


Aurora Flared Ski Pants

Anything red and bold is a must to help your child stand out on the slopes and that’s why we love the Aurora ski pants. Made from waterproof Dermizax, these offer full protection for all the falling over that could take place in the snow and ribbed, padded knees for that extra protection. 

You would think that trousers with all these amazing features would be heavy and different to walk in…you’re wrong! The ski pants are a mid-weight, making them comfortable and easy to move about it. Not only this but the fabric has a slight-stretch that won’t restrict them from making any snow-flakes in the snow.

Ages 6 – 12 – £250


Aurora Flared Ski Pants

Whether your child is a boy, girl, old or young, we think these trousers can be pulled off by anyone! You may think that flares had been left in the 70’s but not when it comes to the slopes! The flared cuffs with zips make these the perfect trousers for your child whether they are chilling out or stomping around in their boots.

Being a little heavier than the other trousers, it doesn’t make them perfect for every snow activity. However, we think you can make the most of these trousers by pairing it with the intarsia merino wool turtleneck sweater and will make for the perfect outfit to keep your little one warm in the cold, breezy air.

Ages 6 – 12 – £235

Ski Boots

Printed Shell And Faux Leather Snow Boots

No child’s ski wear collection is complete without the perfect pair of snow boots. To keep your child’s feet warm as possible, you need a good quality pair of boots that will shield them from the blistering cold. These moon boots have the perfect balance of comfort and quirkiness! We especially love the cute ladybird print and the lace- up front. 

Not only do these boots look good but they are secure and completely water-resistant. They have a rubber sole that is approximately 30mm/ 1 inch and have fantastic grip. Not only does this make them perfect for sludging through deep snow but keeping them balanced on slippery ice!

Ages 20 months to 10 years – £60


Pink Shell And Faux Leather Snow Boots

We know all too well that no one likes having cold feet. Sometimes it can get so uncomfortable that it can ruin all the fun! To avoid this happening to your kids, you need to invest in a trusty pair of snow boots. We love these faux leather pink boots and think they would be perfect for any child looking to make a statement in the snow!

With their water-repellent shell they will be sure to keep their little toes warm throughout the day, but what makes these shoes even more amazing is the cost? All these amazing qualities for just £70, this is a purchase you can’t refuse!

Ages 4 – 10 – £70


Printed Shell And Faux Leather Snow Boots

Are you ready for the ultimate pair of snow boots? These are Moon Boots signature boots and we definitely understand why! These all black boots are patterned with astronauts and have wrap up red laces for a splash of colour. Paired with one of the space suits above, we believe this to be the perfect skiing or snowboarding gear this year!

Size 20 months – 10 years – £60

Ski Accessories

Burberry Hooded Printed Quilted Shell Down Onesie

You don’t think we forgot about the toddler ski wear did you? Protecting your young child from the cold weather is so important and this stylish onesie will be sure to do just that. It has a secure front zipper and a fitted hood to protect their ears from the harsh winds.

What we love most about this cozy onesie is the detachable mittens and booties. The tiny mittens will be perfect for keeping warm whilst playing outside, as well as the booties to keep the toes toasty whilst inside. This quilted onesie is sized for ages one to 18 months and comes in either lavender pink or navy.

1 – 18 months – £280


Burberry Printed Shell Down Jacket

We are obsessed with this adorable shell coat from Burberry. Compared to the onesie, this jacket has a more lightweight fit but will promise to still keep your them warm and cosy. It’s been designed to fit children from six months to two years and will have them looking the trendiest toddler ever!

Burberry have really thought of everything with this jacket. From the elastic waist for optimal comfort and fit to the internal placket to ensure that the cold zipper won’t touch their skin. We don’t know about you but we think we’ve found the perfect jacket to keep your child toasty!

6 – 24 months – £300


Mountain Mission Mirrored Ski Goggles

Add the finishing touch to your kids ski outfit by adding a pair of ‘Mountain Mission’ ski goggles. Once they put their goggles on, there’s no turning back and they will be off out on the slopes like a true professional. No matter how confident they are, the goggles are glare, fog and scratch free – the perfect goggles for any adventure junkie!

What’s also great about these goggles is that you get a choice of two multi-coloured mirrored lenses, a colour for however they’re feeling that day! Not convinced? They also have an adjustable black and white felt strap and 100% UV protection, time to stock up!



Stella McCartney Kids Ski Goggles

Stella Mcartney is renowned for her stylish, high-quality activewear and accessories, and we love these lightweight ski goggles! Their strong, thick strap and soft foam pads make them super comfortable and keep them fog free. No matter what your child will be getting up to in the snow, these goggles will protect their eyes from all weather conditions and allow them to enjoy themselves!

These ski goggles come in pink, black and multicoloured and with their frameless mirrored lenses help to reflect the sunlight and repel any dirt and water.



Intarsia Merino Wool-Blended Beanie

It’s so important for anyone to keep their head warm, especially our kids!. We love the colours, the star pattern and of course, the pompom on top! What’s so special about this beanie is that its been knitted in Italy from merino wool-blend that makes it super soft and warm. 

We think that beanies are an essential for any winter holiday and would be the perfect gift for any child this winter!



Fendi Kids Reversible Printed Quilted Shell Scarf

If you’re going to invest in a high-quality scarf, it has to be reversible! Choose from either the bright orange or logo-printed side, either way your child will look super stylish and more importantly, visible! 

It’s made from 100% polyester shell and has a slit down the middle which makes it super easy to keep your child wrapped up securely!



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