With all the recent news about changes to Ryanair’s family policies, Skyscanner has provided some much needed clarity with its new ‘flying with babies guide‘.

It’s interesting to see that one area that differs greatly between airlines is the infant charge; some airlines charge a set fee (from £19 per sector with Aer Lingus), while others charge a percentage of the full fare, which can be up to 20%.  Families travelling on an airline which charges a set fee may find it is not that much more expensive to actually pay for an additional seat for their infant.

Many parents may not be aware that most airlines allow them to purchase an additional seat for infants*, so the guide highlights the different charges levied, which range from the full adult fare with Ryanair, Thomson and Easyjet to just 15% of the adult fare with Air France.

The flying with babies guide aims to make flying with babies stress-free and so Skyscanner has also enlisted the help of consumer champion and mother of four Sarah Willingham to share her top tips for flying with children.

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