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REVIEW: Bluebell Ultimate 9-in-1 Baby Smart Monitor

If you’re shopping for a baby monitor for your little one, the Bluebell Ultimate 9-in-1 Baby Smart Monitor is well worth a look. Designed by doctors (who are dads too), Bluebell has been revolutionising the way we monitor our little ones for a few years now, and it’s clear they’ve been listening to what parents really want, with the recent revamp and release of three new models, the 7 in 1, 8 in 1 and 9 in 1.

Introducing the Bluebell Ultimate 9-in-1 Baby Smart Monitor

Unlike the constant distractions of a traditional baby monitor, Bluebell’s tech connects parents to their baby via wearable tech and a mobile app, and finally, they’ve combined this unique technology with an HD camera, for the ultimate in baby monitoring solutions.

The 9-in-1 smart monitor allows you to keep track of your baby’s position and vital signs, 24/7, as well as oversee your baby’s routine and sleep patterns, all within the Bluebell app. The 9-in-1 wristband also offers routine tracking as well as parent tracking, receiving alerts directly to the wristband, so you can access data quickly, hands-free without having to use your phone.

Tracking your baby’s vital signs

If your baby wakes or rolls onto their tummy, the Bluebell will send you instantaneous visual and vibration alerts to your wristband and app. If your baby has been inactive for a certain amount of time, you’ll also be notified. This technology also offers valuable insight and reminders to help you improve your baby’s routine. Yep, believe it or not, this monitor allows you to get seriously organised, so you can plan everything from nappy changes and feeds to pumping, medication, bath-time and sleep.

Bluebell Baby Smart Monitor: what’s new?

HD camera

The Bluebell smart monitoring system used to be an app-based bit of tech that was precise at keeping track of breathing, skin temperature, crying, movement, and sleeping position, via real-time alerts are sent to your mobile app and wearable parent wristband. The product’s recent revamp embraces the same unique and advanced technology, coupled with the benefit of a camera, so you can be kept fully informed as to your baby’s status at all times.

The HD camera comes as standard with the 8-in-1 and 9-in-1 models, offering day and night vision with a 180-degree view. The camera head can be tilted for an optimum position, and it can be used on a flat surface, or mounted to a wall.

9-in-1 baby monitor: What’s in the box?

  • Baby sensor
  • Baby camera
  • Parent wristband
  • Smart hub with power cable

You’ll need to download the free iPhone or Android mobile app. The Bluebell 9-in-1 includes the following monitoring features so you can keep an eye on your baby from every perspective:

    • Breathing alerts
    • Temperature (body) alerts
    • Crying alerts
    • Tummy roll alerts
    • Room temperature
    • Audio monitoring
    • Sleep tracking
    • Video monitoring
    • Parent monitoring


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How does the Bluebell monitor work?

First thing’s first. You’ll need to download the Bluebell app and pair both the wristband and baby monitor in turn. It’s pretty easy and set-up takes around five minutes. Top tip is to sit in close proximity to your router, and it will pair so much quicker if your WiFi is anything like ours!

Baby sensor

Bluebell uses a simple clip-on sensor that’s super-lightweight and easily attaches to your baby’s clothes. It’s splash, rain, baby vomit, drool and wee proof, and obviously safe to use from birth. The baby monitor keeps track of your baby’s breathing, temperature, crying and any movements, for instance, if they roll onto their tummy. The sensor supplies real-time alerts to the Bluebell app, and to the parent wristband.

What’s more, if the baby monitor unattaches itself from your baby, you’ll be instantly alerted.

Parent wristband

The Parent Wristband is worn like a watch offering you hands-free baby monitoring. Genius, right? We think so. It works both inside and outside of the house, up to a range of 40 metres. You can use the wristband’s buttons to log info which relays back to the Bluebell app. The parent wristband measures your own sleep patterns, steps and activity levels too, so you can keep track of your own wellbeing at the same time as your baby.

HD camera

The new HD camera and 2-way audio offers you complete peace of mind, just like that of a traditional baby monitor, by keeping your baby in sight and sound 24/7. The camera is easy to set up in your baby’s room either via wall mount or free-standing on a flat surface and offers a clear visual of your child via the app.

Smart hub

The Smart Hub sits in your baby’s room and is also the charging station for the Baby Monitor and Parent Wristband.

The Bluebell Hub monitors room temperature and noise levels to enable you to create the ultimate sleeping environment for your baby. It also doubles up as a nightlight, lullaby speaker, white noise and has a listen-in/speak-to baby feature so you can soothe your baby to sleep.

Bluebell mobile app

The Bluebell mobile app is your personal guide, where all your data is recorded. You can also create multiple logins so parents, grandparents and babysitters can access your baby’s data. Plan your day, schedule your baby’s routine and set notifications to keep you on track, the app lets you set reminders and it also suggests and records your baby’s milestones, which is a lovely touch – a little bit like Wonder Weeks!

The app is where you’ll access trends on your own sleeping patterns, activities and steps, and as we’ve mentioned, it really couldn’t be easier.

Charging your Bluebell Monitor

The sensor has up to three days of battery life, and the parent wristband lasts up to 1.5 days. Both devices will alert you when the battery is low, each taking two hours for a full charge, so downtime is minimal.

Is Bluebell’s technology safe to use around my baby?

Bluebell uses ‘Thread Technology’ which provides high security and range. The energy levels emitted via this Thread Technology are very low as the baby monitor is in ‘sleep mode’ 95% of the time. Using Bluebell for 8 hours a day for a whole year is the same as using your mobile phone next to baby for a few hours. Bluebell has been thoroughly tested and certified as safe as a baby wearable.

Shop now

The Bluebell Ultimate 9-in-1 Baby Smart Monitor is suitable from birth to 36 months and includes a 1-year warranty. RRP £349.00.


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