I love these snowflake drawings.  I saw them on Pinterest by the Kitchen Table Classroom and fell in love.  They are a fun activity to do at home and to make into a busy bag and take it out and about with you.

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To make your own snowflake drawings you will need:

  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Cup top draw around
  • Pencil
  • Pens

Draw around your cup to create lots of circles, then cut them out.

Fold the circle in half.

Then half again.

And finally half again.

Unfold the circle.  Draw along the folded lines with a black pen.

snowflake drawings

Then fill in each segment with your snowflake drawings.  You can literally do anything.

snowflake drawings

Finish it off by colouring in your snowflake.  It doesn’t have to be neat.  I quite liked just adding a few lines here and there.  The best part of this is, you can literally use anything to decorate your snowflake; crayons, water paints, pencils, salt, a combination of them.

BB and I had fun colouring some in while waiting for lunch.  He wanted to do one all by himself, which was really sweet.  The finished snowflake drawings also make great decorations.  I’ve hung ours up in the playroom with the paper chains.

If you enjoyed these snowflake drawings be sure to check out my loo roll snowflakes, Spirograph decorations, and white clay decorations.

Pin for later:

Snowflake drawings - to do at home or as a busy bag for kids. Plus they make great decorations.

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