I had wanted to do these soap bubble painting outside, but the weather over the last few weeks hasn’t been great and BB flatly refused to go outside.  Not a problem, but I had to be slightly more careful about not getting paint all over the carpets.

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To do you own soap bubble painting you will need:

  • Giant art mat (if you are doing it inside, if you are doing it outside then I wouldn’t bother).
  • Big piece of paper*
  • Bowls
  • Washing up liquid
  • Paint **
  • Water
  • Plastic water bottles
  • Odd socks***

*We used some paper from the rolls that you get for kid’s art easels. If you don’t have a big roll then normal A4 paper will work as well.

**I used powdered tempera paint, which is great.  However, I always forget that it actually creates quite light colours.  For a deeper coloured bubble, I would use ordinary kids poster paints.

*** We have a collection of odd socks that is great to raid for crafts like this.

To set up the paint you will need to mix the water, soap, and paint.  Mix them together well.

Next cut of the base of the bottles and cover with a sock.  You may need to use an elastic band to keep the sock in place.  I did 1 bottle per person so that we were not sharing.  However, if you don’t care about sharing then I would do one bottle per colour.  If you do use one bottle, then have a big bowl of water as well so that you can clean the sock off at times.  Otherwise, you will end up with a lovely muddy brown mix of colours.

soap bubble painting

To do the soap bubble printing dip the sock covered part of the bottle into the colour.  Scrape off any excess paint mix.  Then when you are standing over the paper blow through the mouth of the bottle.  It will create a lovely bubble snake onto the paper.

It can take a while for all the bubbles to finally pop, so leave it to dry overnight.

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Soap bubble painting - great kids craft for doing outside.