Last week I set up an ice play station for BB which he loved. This week I set up a soap and water play station instead. I was suddenly reminded of this activity by something, and again, this weather is the perfect chance to do it.

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You will need:

It is really important that you use soap flakes to do this activity. I am pretty sure other soap would work, but the soap flakes (I have put a link in for them) are gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. I have used these before in a special educational needs nursery I worked in. A large majority of the children there had skin conditions like eczema so we needed something gentle for them.

How much of the soap flakes you will need will depend on how much water you add to the water table/tray.

Soap and water play

Once you have added your soap them grab the hand whisk and start whisking. After a bit the soap will start to foam up nicely. I actually had to add more flakes into the water. When you have plenty of foam then it is ready to play in. You will keep having to whisk every now and then to add more foam, but little ones can certainly have a go at doing this.

Soap and water play

Like the ice play last week BB went too and fro from this activity. He was rather taken with the whisk. YC, however, couldn’t wait to get involved. Together we made up a smoothie station using the foam and any flowers/leaves we found in the garden.

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Soap and water play station for children using a hand held whisk.