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I thought that it was high time that I did a new busy bag. Some of ours are beginning to either show their age or EC and YC have grown out of them so we’ve stored them away for when BB is old enough to play with them.

This busy bag is a nice simple and doesn’t take up too much room in your handbag. It will definitely keep the little ones entertained while they are waiting for a sibling to finish a class or for food to arrive in a restaurant.

You will need:




Compass or a mug


Blue Tack


Using either a compass or a mug to draw around, draw and cut out some circles.

When you need to use the busy bag, get your little ones to colour in and decorate their circle.

Then using the toothpick, push it through the centre of the circle. Secure it in place with a little bit of Blue Tack then you are ready to start spinning.

EC and YC have made these before as part of a set from Trunkaroo and they loved making those, so they were quite excited when I told them that what I had planned to make!

Now we just have to wait to use them when the summer holidays finally arrive.

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Make a spinning top busy bag using paper circles and toothpicks. It makes a fun activity that you can carry around in your bag for when you need to keep a child busy for a while.