One thing that is guaranteed to happen during the summer is water balloon fights.  Especially as you can now get those sets that fill up 100s of balloons at once.  I must admit, I have never been a fan of water balloon fights.  I have never liked the waste and pain of having to pick up all the bits of balloon.  Plus, the huge impact that they can have on local wildlife.  This year I have made some sponge waterbombs to use instead of water balloons.  That way we can re-use them all summer long.

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To make your own sponge waterbombs you will need:

  • Kitchen sponges*
  • Scissors
  • Elastic bands

*Make sure you get the kitchen wipes that don’t have the scouring pad on the other side.

Cut your sponges up into strips.  I got about 4-5 out of each sponge, but it all depends on how thick you want them.

For each bomb you will need 3 piles of 3, so 9 in total.

sponge waterbombs

Tie an elastic band securely around the middle to keep them all in place.  Then arrange the bits of sponge so that it is in a more rounded shape.  Making sure to separate any strips that may be stuck together.

Then when you are ready for a water fight, simply add the sponge waterbombs to a bucket of water before throwing them at each other.  At the end of the fight collect them all back in, give them a rinse in clean soapy water and leave to dry.

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These sponge waterbombs can be reused all summer long. Kids activities