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Pumpkin Carving is a must – I get the children to draw the face and then I do the cutting. Put a little fairy light inside and then pop the pumpkin on the doorstep. I use the flesh to make a hearty pumpkin soup, which makes teatime later in the day easy. 

Dressing Up is also important, and Alexandalexa.com have some incredible options this holiday. I can’t wait to get my hands on the little black cat shoes. 

When the children arrive, I like to serve a little witchcraft punch to get them in the mood. This couldn’t be easier. Fill a bowl with lemonade, and novelty ice cubes, I’m going for frozen brains this year. Then, when the children are standing around drizzle a small shot glass of grenadine into the mix and use a ladle to serve for a cauldron like feel.

Trick or Treating isn’t what it used to be, so I usually ask a handful of neighbours if they mind us ringing on their bell. Mini Haribos are always a great treat, and for the tricks I think doggy do doo in a can is a pretty harmless trick on their doorstep! When you get the home, the kids are usually on a sugar high, so now’s the perfect time for a few games. 

If you have a garden, broomstick racing is always fun, think Harry Potter meets the egg and spoon race. Apple bobbing is a must, and for the little ones – tell them to go for the stalk!

For tea, heat up the pumpkin soup, which couldn’t be easier to make, and serve with warm crusty bread and butter. For a spooky twist, have a bowl of crème fraîche on the side pre-blended with two drops of green food dye for a bit of eerie and spine-chilling colour!

Recipe: Pumpkin Soup

  • Fry a white onion in oil
  • Add flesh
  • Stir for a few minutes
  • Pour over a litre of water
  • Add one veggie stock cube a
  • Blitz until creamy!  

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