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Spring Cleaning? Top Tips For A Safe, Clean Family Home

Are you itching to do some spring cleaning, or perhaps you’re embarking on the precious nesting period? It is important to find out what ingredients are in the cleaning products you are choosing, especially around your family. That’s why we love Nimble, the baby-friendly cleaning brand.

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Why aren’t all cleaning products safe for babies?

Harmful chemicals might not normally spring to mind when it comes to a product you use around your home, but in reality, everyday household cleaning products contain a staggering amount of harsh ingredients.

Did you know that 91% of parents worry about what goes inside their cleaning products? And they’re right to worry. Current regulations do not require manufacturers to list every ingredient, so it can be tricky to understand exactly what’s inside your family cleaning products, leading you to wonder, are they baby-friendly?

For instance, some laundry detergents contain ingredients such as enzymes and optical brighteners, used in traditional products to make fabrics brighter, but they can leave residues and cause irritation to baby’s delicate skin. As for cleaning sprays, half of surface cleaners are actually not anti-bacterial, but they make you think they are! And the other half are anti-bacterial but usually only because they’re using harsh chemicals like bleach, triclosan, or what they call BIT (benzisothiazolinone) or MIT (bethylisothiazolinone) which can cause irritations too.

Needless to say, it is worth doing some research before you begin the spring clean for your family home to make sure it’s safe to use around children, which is exactly why baby-friendly cleaning brand Nimble was created.


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Created for every family’s messy moments…

Nimble is the British-born (and made) baby-friendly cleaning brand, powered by plants. Created in 2015, Nimble is on a mission to provide safe yet effective cleaning products that are as gentle on babies as they are on the planet.

Formulated with plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients, Nimble’s range of child-friendly cleaning products uses zero allergens and absolutely no harsh chemicals to ensure they are safe around little ones, taking away any worry when trying to keep your family home clean and germ-free.

Cleaning solutions for every corner of your house!

Helping you combat stains, or sticky and greasy surfaces, Nimble has developed Sticky Stopper, a multi-purpose, bleach-free anti-bacterial spray perfect for cleaning the entire house. From highchairs to playmats or potties, there’s nothing this magic plant-based formula can’t tackle. Its two hero ingredients, coconuts, and corn work just as efficiently as heavy-duty chemicals to dissolve sticky and greasy residues and are proven to kill germs just as effectively by instantly breaking the bacteria’s defensive walls.

To tackle the big pile of baby clothes, Nimble has created a range of non-bio laundry essentials to be extra gentle on sensitive skin. Laundry Lover is Nimble’s non-bio liquid detergent that will have you falling head over heels in love. Containing just 13 plant-based ingredients (when traditional detergent can have up to 30 ingredients!) and zero skin-irritating allergens, enzymes, optical brighteners, and dyes, Laundry Lover is proven to be as good as leading brands on tough stains, but way gentler on sensitive skin, and has a lovely gentle scent. The range also includes Cuddle Lover, a fabric softener formulated with only four ingredients derived from rapeseed to leave your baby clothes soft!

Finally, baby bottles. Do you ever wonder how to get rid of cloudy and smelly milky bottles? Milk Buster is the patented baby bottle cleaner that uniquely breaks down milk proteins and fats, even ones that have been lingering for a while! It cleverly gets rid of cloudy bottles, keeping them squeaky clean without the use of any harsh chemicals, replacing the washing-up liquid! And, it’s not just for babies, rumour has it that Milk Buster is brilliant at keeping protein shaker bottles and water bottles clean… and even shoes!

Sticky Stopper, antibacterial cleaner spray

Milk Buster, baby bottle cleaner

Laundry Lover, baby non-bio liquid detergent

Cuddle Lover, baby fabric softener

Why can you trust Nimble?

Unlike other cleaning brands, all of Nimble’s ingredients, packaging and products are made entirely in the UK – what’s not to love?! The full range is certified vegan, cruelty-free, and is registered with The Vegan society. Nimble products are stocked in leading supermarkets including Tesco and Sainsbury’s and are also available to order directly on with subscription options. Safe cleaning has never been easier!

Nimble’s top tips for safe cleaning

Read the warning symbols

Unfortunately, manufacturers of cleaning products aren’t required to declare each ingredient they use, so the warning symbols are your best bet to know the risks you’re getting exposed to.

Keep away from children

Sometimes you don’t really have a choice but to use strong cleaning products (e.g. bleach toilet cleaners), so make sure they are kept out of children’s reach at all times.

Try using eco cleaning products

They are made with plant-based ingredients, which are gentler on the skin and better for the environment, and don’t always have to cost more. Look out for the vegan society logo too for extra reassurance!

Avoid highly fragranced products

The fumes can be irritating for young lungs. Even essential oils in a diffuser are actually considered air pollutants. Try indoor plants and flowers to make your home smell nice! If choosing products with fragrances, make sure to look for allergen-free fragrances.

Avoid ingredients that deposit

When choosing a clothes detergent, avoid ones that have enzymes and optical brighteners because they deposit on fabrics, which can cause sensitive skin to flare up.

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