St George's Day Crafts

Activities & Days Out / 20 April, 2020 / Nanny Anita

How To Make Your Own St George’s Shield

First of all I will apologise for the complete lack of photos, we did this activity last year and I didn’t actually write it up! Our St. George’s shield have survived really well over the past year and have taken a good amount of bashing from my little ones imaginative play.

We made a Junk Model Dragons last week, so you could complete the set by making these shield so you can have little knights running around defeating their dragons and saving their damsels in distress.

Make sure you follow my junk modelling board on Pinterest for more ideas.  Don’t forget to save the pin for later. 

To make your own St. George’s Shield you will need: 

  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Paint

Cut out your shield from your cardboard and cut out an extra strip of cardboard to make the handle and tape it onto the back of your shield.

Design and decorate your shield.

Happy St. George’s Day!

If you enjoyed making your own St. George’s shield then be sure to check out my St. George’s puppet show.

Pin for later:

St. George's Shield made from junk cardboard



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