A couple of months ago I was cleaning out my boxes from the attic and came across all of my old art supplies from when I was at Norland.  Included in that were my glass paints.  I last used them 10 years ago to paint my jar xylophone musical instrument for college.  Thinking over how I could use them I decided that making stained glass night light jars would be pretty cool.  

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You will need:

There are a couple of ways that you can do this; either you paint the inside of the jar or the outside of it.  I would highly recommend painting the outside of the jar.  It is really tricky to paint the inside of it.  You can also print out a picture and place it in the jar then use your glass pens to draw the outline of your picture. Let the pen dry for a couple of minutes before you start painting.  Of course you don’t have to use the pen at all.  YC didn’t use it, she painted straight away then at the end asked me to draw an S and a couple of stars for her. 

stained glass night light jars

Next paint your glass.  I sometimes find glass paints a bit temperamental.  They turn sticky quite quickly so you need to spread them quickly.  If you have too thick a layer they do tend to run.  But that really could have been my brand of paint.  

Leave them to dry for a few hours before you add a tea light.  If you are using them in a child’s bedroom then I would highly recommend using a battery powered one than an actual candle.  

As of now YC and EC both have their stained glass night light jars sitting on their bedside tables. 

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