A few weeks ago EC and YC both had a play date after school. When both have play dates at the same time it normally ends with YC coming down to say EC and his friend are annoying them. To try to avoid this I set up this sticky spider web tape game in EC’s room.

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You will need:

  • Masking tape
  • A door way
  • Paper
  • Pen

Technically you don’t need a doorway to do this, you could do it in a hallway. Where ever you decide to make the web do it higher up so that people can get under it.

sticky spider web tape game

To add another element to this game I added points to it. I wrote on the tape how much they got if they managed to get it through the hole. The smaller the hole the more points it is worth.   I also drew a chart for them so that they could keep score.

Then screw bits of paper, or tape, into balls to throw at the web.

Rules of the game

Very simply you have to try and get the bits of paper through the web.

Each person has 5 balls to throw. If they stick to the tape then they lose that one until the end of the game.

Play goes on as long as you like, or until one person has lost all their bits of paper.

The person with the most points wins.

sticky spider web tape game

EC and his friend were having a lot of fun playing. That is until EC’s Dad walked into the straight into the web! Hopefully it wasn’t as gross as walking into a really spider’s web.

sticky spider web tape game

Having a quick game before bed.

As it is now half term I set it up again for us to play.

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Sticky spider web tape game: try to get your pieces through the web to get the most point. Not just a great Halloween game, but one that can be played all year around. Good for developing gross motor skills in children.