Stretch marks are a common worry and according to the NHS website, 8 out of 10 women will get them during pregnancy. They’re a natural reaction to your skin stretching as your body grows to accommodate your baby. They may seem inevitable, but there are some fabulous products you can use to help your skin during that stretching process – here’s my round-up of favourites, together with some expert GP advice from Dr Clare Thompson from The Courtfield Private Practice.

Top tips for managing stretch marks

  • Preparing the skin for a degree of stretch in pregnancy is certainly helpful in strengthening the skin and makes it less likely to be damaged. If you wish to use topical creams then best to start doing so at the beginning of the second trimester.
  • Maintaining your water intake is beneficial for keeping the skin hydrated and plump.
  • Creams and oils will help target the surface layer of the skin and prevent dryness and itching whilst improving the appearance of any scar tissue from the stretch marks.
  • For more intensive and effective therapies you will likely need to target the dermal layer of the skin after the pregnancy with laser therapy and new techniques such as PRP to get the best results.
  • By only gaining a sensible amount of weight during the pregnancy you are less likely to over-stretch the skin and thus less likely to tear the dermal layers.
  • Remember that even if you do develop stretch marks during the pregnancy the appearance will improve over time and they will fade and flatten to a much lighter colour.

For more in-depth info from Dr Clare Thompson, check out this article.

My Baba’s recommended products

Fantastic Skin Elastic, My Expert Midwife

Stretch Mark Oil, Kit and Kin

Maternite Stretch Marks Cream, Mustela

Stretch Mark Balm, Cowshed

Mother’s Balm, Neal’s Yard

Cocoa Butter Formula, Palmer’s

The Day Gel & The Night Cream Secret Saviours

Nourish & Relieve, Natural Birthing Company

Botanic Nurture Balm, Bamford

Nourishing Skin Treatment Oil, Nuture Skin

Skincare Oil, Bio-Oil

Mama Bee Belly Butter, Burts Bee’s

2-Step Stretch Mark Oil, Pai

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