A few months ago EC said to me “Anita, do you remember that time we did the spellings under the table?” It took me a few moments to realise that he was talking about the time I made a string maze under the table and hung their spellings from it for them to get. I couldn’t believe he remembered it; we did it about 4 years ago. Anyway turns out he wanted me to make a string maze again for them (minus the spellings of course).

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To make your own string maze you will need:

  • String
  • Tape
  • Bells (optional)

This works really well if you do it in a landing or corridor. It will work in any room, but you may require more string.

string maze

To set up all you need to do is criss-cross the string from object to object. Just like lasers do in all the spy and heist movies. I also attached bells to the stings at random intervals, just to make it slightly harder. As I was setting this up I realised that either I am training them to be super spies or master criminals (I haven’t decided yet).

string maze

When it was all ready, they had to try and get from one end to the other without setting off any of the bells. I did original say that they couldn’t touch any of the strings, but I may have made it slightly too hard. BB decided that he was going to just barrel through the whole thing. I was impressed with his level of commitment.

They eventually decided, that because their clothes kept hitting the strings that they would do it in just their underwear! Now that’s dedication to the task. We do have a long way to go before they’re at a super spy or master criminal level.

Once they had finished with it, I unstuck one side of all the strings and left them hanging so that EC and YC could make up their own string mazes.

String mazes are a great summer camp activity, team building exercise, and party game idea if you are doing a spy themed one.

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Spy training: Mission string maze.  A great rainy day activity or party game idea for a spy themed party.

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