When Ashley said she was doing roast chicken for lunch we all licked our lips but we had no idea what was in store.

A Heston Blumenthal style chopping board placed in the middle of the table surrounded by fresh cut vegetables, hummus, mayonnaise and warm pitta pockets grabbed our attention.

She had literally stripped the chicken, wings and legs on one side, breast on the other and to finish it off, the two oysters which can be found under the bird and a wish bone which she wouldn’t let us touch until after lunch.  She said it needed time to dry out.  

We filled our tummies with over flowing pitta pockets and the children loved tasting different parts of the bird and talking about it.  

To end, they wrapped their tiny little pinky fingers around the bone and although my daughter won, they both squeezed their eyes tightly shut and had a good wish. 

A really fun meal all round!